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Postby Ben Harris » 08/17/04 05:02 PM

Hi guys (and gals),

We've just launched a competition to foster creativity with our new BIKIN' set of cards.

We've put quite a bit a thought into this, making it easy for anyone (anywhere in the world) to enter.

The Bikin' $500 Tournament is a creative, performance based challenge, open to any performer in the world.

Your Challenge:
Your challenge is to develop and/or perform an effect (or sequence) with a Bikin' Gimmicked Joker(s) in order to take out first place in either the "Cards" or "Close-up" competition at any major convention.

The first person to do this between July 30, 2004 and August 30, 2005 will win a cash prize of US$500 from Media T Marketing.

More Info, Rules Book, Entry Form:
To find out more and how you can compete from anywhere in the world, just download the Rules/Regulations PDF from the wowbound website. This also includes your entry form.

So if you like a creative and performance challenge, then go for it!

Further info at: www.wowbound.com


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