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Postby SIX » 06/07/05 10:28 AM

Effect:4 kings and aces are shown. The kings are placed face down on the table as you take the four aces and with one face, you make it vanish. Then you show all the faces are gone and you turn them into king. The cards on the table are the aces.

Take out the for kings and aces.Put the kings on top of the aces face up.Hold the cards in biddle grip,you will now peel off the kings and turn them over with the right hand packet one by one place the 4 face down kings uner the face up aces in biddle grip.Now peel the aces off one by one and flip them over into the left hand as you did with the kings, when you flip over the third ace you will grab the packet in the left hand with ur thumb and 3rd finger as you kick the right hand packet into the left .Basicaly you switch the packets.place the 3 face down cards (ACES)in the right hand onto the table ,the left hand should have 4 face down kings with an face up ace on top.Take the ace and place it second from the bottem and do a elmsley count to show it is gone .Now do a flustration count peel off three cards to show 4 cards the faces have backs so say all the cards disapear.Place the the double in the right hand on the packet turn over the packet and do an elmsley to show 4 kings place the cards on top of the face down cards on the table to ditch the evidance and end clean.
Please try this effect it is great and strong,my descriptions are not that great but it is a great effect.I am proud of this effect and its simplicity please try and let me know what you think.
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 06/07/05 10:36 AM

Originally posted by Six:
Effect:4 kings and aces are shown. The kings are placed face down on the table ...
I'm impressed you even got four kings in the same room much less got them to lie on the table face down. You are one bad dude.
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