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Postby Guest » 10/28/05 04:13 PM

Not too long ago, I aquired a set of Indian Cups and Balls at and IBM/SAM auction. It didn't have any instructions. Does anyone out there have a source or an idea on how to find a source for the Indian Cups and Balls?

Postby MitchSchneiter » 10/28/05 04:35 PM

Just do a quick google search and you will find plenty of pages of information and sources.
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Postby Pete Biro » 10/28/05 07:32 PM

What kind are they? I sell various sets and also have a routine. Email me at
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Postby Philippe Billot » 10/29/05 12:44 AM

To my knowledge, ZE specialist of Indian Cups and Balls was Eddie Joseph but here is a chronologic list on the Indian Cups & Balls :

1910 - Magic ( Ellis Stanyon) Vol 10, N 5, Mai, page 33, "The Indian Cups and Balls"
1917 - Supplementary Magic by Elbiquet (L.H. Branson), page 139, "The Indian Cups and Balls Trick"
1925 - The Sphinx, Vol 24, N7, Sept., page 209, "Indian Cujuring : The Cups and Balls" by Theodore Bamberg
1933 - Manipulations of the Indian Cups and Balls by P.C. Sorcar.
1939 - The Sphinx, Vol 38, N 3, Mai, page 68, "The East Indian Cups and Balls" by Edwin Hotz
1947 - Hindoo Cups and Balls by John Pratt
1955 - The Magic Magazine, Vol 3, N 11, Fv., page 295, "The Hindu Cups" by Eddie Joseph
1956 - The Hindu Cups and Balls by Eddie Joseph
1962 - Tops Trick Annual, page 18, "Original Conception for the Hindu Cups" by Eddie Joseph
1969 - Rink's Magic from Holland by Hugh Miller, page 29, "Indian Cups and Balls"
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Postby Jacky Kahan » 10/29/05 01:36 AM

You can also find info about "Indian cups & balls" in :

Ammar, Michael: Complete Cups & Balls

Osborne, Tom: Cups and Balls Magic
(c) 1937

Fromer, Roy: The Cups, A Manual of Cups and Balls Magic
Page 32 Three Authentic Routines for East Indian Cups: 3 short routines for the Indian Cups & Balls (stout cups with small handles on top)
page 33 Five Sleights with the East Indian Cups & Balls

Swami - Vol 3 No 31 Jul 1974
Special Issue
Indian Cups and Balls Routine (Les Greenhalgh)

Miller, Hugh : Rink's Magic From Holland
page 29 Indian Cups and Balls: A full routine for the Indian style cups and balls.Describes sleights needed and a routine with a puppet.

Hope this helps
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Postby Van » 10/29/05 01:47 PM

Magicanna #48 & 49 in the November and December Genii for 1968. C.M.'s routine and instructions on their construction.

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Postby George Olson » 10/29/05 03:07 PM

Get Pete's Routine, and you get a bonus!

To see him do it is hysterical -- his voice is enough to take a giggle to a real old fashioned belly laugh!


PS I saw Johnny Platt do his routine on the floor at the "Gay 90's Room at the LaSalle Hotel many amny times.

A Gentleman who at one time lived in The Alameda near San Francisco -- Harold Stone -- had a heck of a routine using heavy brass Indian Bells with the tines cut off; great sound.
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Postby Pete Biro » 10/29/05 10:09 PM

Thanks George... but you're an easy audience... :D
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