2 Days in Las Vegas

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Postby Guest » 09/20/02 08:00 PM

My wife has granted me two days in Las Vegas, as long as we go to the Grand Canyon after. What magical things should I see in my two days? I have a bias towards close-up magic.

My thoughts so far are:
Mac King
Caesars Magical Empire (show only)
Michael Close at Houdinis in Monte Carlo
Lance Burton or Penn & Teller

Any thoughts gratefully received,

Postby Guest » 09/20/02 08:09 PM

Stuart, just a couple of thoughts.
Mac's show is during the day, so that leaves the night open. I'd say see Lance if you haven't ever seen him previously...one of the greatest!
Mike's only working at Houdini's a couple of nights during the week, and even then, it's from like 8 pm til 1 am or so. You could see Mac in the afternoon, Lance's first show, then go down the hall to see Mike. One day done.
The next day is Caesar's, then Penn and Teller that night, vacation over!!!

Anyone else need their vacation planned?

Postby Oliver Corpuz » 09/21/02 01:52 AM

Stuart, I just got back from Las Vegas after attending the LVMI convention. Here's some additional options.

There was this guy, Armando Lucero, who did a mind blowing matrix at LVMI. Everyone does a version of the matrix and I've seen it done live a million times a million different ways, including excellent versions by Dean Dill, Kevin Kelly, David Roth, and even Al Schneider himself. But Armando's version completely fooled me. So clean, oh so very clean. He will fry you! Armando is playing at the Excalibur doing walkaround (free show).. call and find out when he's playing (I think late afternoons around 4:30 PM) and make EVERY effort to fit him in your schedule.

You can get a coupon for two comp tix to see Mac King's hilarious comedy magic show if you sign up for Harrah's slot club. King's cloak of invisibility bit is very, very funny.

Also worth seeing is Rick Thomas' afternoon magic show at the Tropicana. Rick's 4 ring routine is so elegant and magical, I went to see his show twice. 2 for 1 coupons for his show can be obtained easily by signing up with Tropican's slot club.

Have fun!

- Oliver
Oliver Corpuz
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Postby Guest » 09/21/02 09:42 AM

I'm going to McBride's Master Class this week and have Thursday afternoon and evening open as well as Sunday late night open. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Bob


Postby Steve Bryant » 09/21/02 10:41 AM

Thursday afternoon: Mac King at Harrah's, at 1:00 and 3:00. The best magic show in town. Also suggested for Thursday afternoon: Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay. A walk-through aquarium that is spectacular.
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Postby Guest » 09/22/02 10:03 AM

What about the amazing Jontan?


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