Got a Favorite Stacked Deck Routine?

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Got a Favorite Stacked Deck Routine?

Postby Guest » April 13th, 2003, 9:51 pm

I just put together and learned the Osterlind Card System. This thing is GREAT! I can ribbon spread the cards on the table for all to see, even hand the cards to the spectator and invite them to make fan through them and make sure the cards are totally unprepared. There is absolutely no visual or mathematical pattern to be discerned, yet the calculation necessary is only slightly more complex than Si Stebbins, et al.

Now I that I'm no longer in mortal fear of having some wise guy who once bought a Brainwave deck (and remembered the "Add 3" concept) stepping up to pick a card it's time to reconsider some stacked deck routines that I previously avoided.

Any favorite stacked deck routines to suggest?

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