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Postby Guest » 07/06/02 03:49 PM

Is it Cardwinder Car?

I lost the instructions!

Anywho, I was playing the car the other night at a gig and I asked the audience member to "push the car so that it stops at any card."

He pushed it, it stopped.

I said "There?"

He said "Yes"

I turned over the card and the audience was amazed.

I realised afterwards that the car pusher experienced the car stopping by itself but the rest of the audience thought that the participant had stopped the card whereever he wanted.

I didn't milk the fact the car had stopped.

I thought this was a great bit of pyschological trickery.

I also though it might be nice if the car carried a Kennedy Card Box as a caravan. Particularly with the wooden car I use. The second time they try the trick, the card is in the trailer.

Maybe a hitchhiker theme.....

Postby Tom Stone » 07/10/02 05:03 PM

Originally posted by Nicholas J. Johnson:
Is it Cardwinder Car?
It is "The Koornwinder Car".
Invented by, and named after, the very creative dutch magician Dick Koornwinder, who also is a frequent visitor to this discussion board.
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