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Postby David Redfearn » 10/16/05 11:11 AM

Hi I recently performed a close up show for a client and on the cuff did a card thru window.. corner switch, the reaction was great and I am doing another show for this client, I would love to do the card thru window with one of the marketed versions Kennedy or Bogunia, I did a search on this forum and found some info,is any one out there using any of these items, I realise you can wing it on the night with signed card and a little help! but money is no object on this next show so any advice would be gratefully accepted private mail if you prefer,thanks David Redfearn :)
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David Redfearn
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Postby GAMOLO » 10/19/05 04:50 PM

I do the Kennedy version quite a bit because the set up only takes a moment....Also, the handling is natural whether standing up or seated which is nice compared to some of the others. I would recommend it strongly.
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