What's your "save" to get out of a jam?

Discuss your favorite close-up tricks and methods.

Postby Jeff Eline » 09/10/02 07:20 AM

There are times when tricks don't work, something goes wrong. It's inevitable. And we all know it's unprofessional and "unmagical" (made up word) to simply say "oops" or "wait, let me try this again." How do you get out of a jam? How do you save your performance?

Example: If I've lost a chosen card, I'll ask for the name of the card and cut it to the top while feigning disbelief. Double lift the top card and swear that I thought it was this one. Insert double into deck and do the impulse change to magically change it to selected card.

What do you do?
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Postby Guest » 09/10/02 09:24 AM

I've culled and palmed a lost selection into my pocket on more than one occasion.

You can then take the selection and move into a routine explaining that the particular card they chose happens to have a mind of its own, and is therefore difficult to control. You might use it in Twisting the Aces or an Ambitious Card routine to put a positive spin on the previous miss, which might (hopefully) be only fleetingly remembered as some kind of setup for the real trick.

Postby Matthew Field » 09/10/02 10:25 AM

To add to what Joe Turner said, on the new Bill Malone videos, he says he actually tries to get the wrong card so he can palm the corr3ect one and produce it from his pocket. Malone says the reaction is better that way.

(I don't really agree, but I don't have Bill's experience. Who does??)

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Postby Guest » 09/10/02 11:16 AM


Postby Guest » 09/10/02 01:58 PM

If Matthew Field is right, then I must be better than Bill Malone, because I can get the wrong card without even trying.

If you see my at a convention or something just ask and I'll show you.

Postby Guest » 09/10/02 02:44 PM

Invisible/Brainwave deck (chopless methods) :p . Although I am sure that there are many other methods which allow "any card named" to be found would work. (i.e. Kolossal Killer, ...)


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