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Postby Guest » 02/05/06 11:04 PM


I have a great new Match Pull CD-Rom called the "Do It Yourself - Match Pull".

It is a Match Pull you construct yourself from material you cna purchase from just about anywhere.

On the CD-Rom I teach you how to construct the gimmick in both Video and in Graphical/Text style.

I also explain why my Match Pull is so effective and show it in action.

This Matchpull is great for many reasons:-
* There is no need to travel with this type of prop on airline and the like because you can make them up when you get to your destination.
* If they get lost of broken then replace them in no time.
* Allows you to construct many Gimmicks to carry as replacements etc.

My web site is http://www.simplymagic.com.au


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