The 'scissor cut'. A unique one-handed cut.

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Postby Guest » 06/29/06 07:49 PM

Long time ago, I swapped one-handed cuts with a (what we called 'hoods') in school. The biker-wanna-be type. Anyhow... that was decades ago.
The one-handed cut which I got from him(which I named the scissor cut)is as follows:

Hold the deck between first and second finger of right hand (or left hand if yer a leftie) and you lift up the corner facing you with your thumb... and pivot the lower half of the deck with your thumb(with some guidance from your 3rd and 4th fingers) so the bottom of the deck swivels up and over the top half of the deck, completing the cut.

It's just a flourish... sort of a 'show off' thing. Am just curious if anyone has ever seen this cut before. Wish I could draw so I could show the moves. It's not an easy one to describe, and it's not an easy cut to do, but it looks very cool.

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