Karl Fulves "Subliminal Force" in 'My Best Self-Working Card Tricks' revision

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Postby Guest » 03/22/05 09:45 PM

When you try to perform "Subliminal Force" in Karl Fulves 'My Best Self-Working Card Tricks' as written, it simply does NOT work. With extensive help from Steve Beam, this is a corrected partial version of this trick that DOES work with the corrections in italics:

Method: Nine blue-backed cards and one red-backed card are used in this test. One of the blue-backed cards is red, say the 5D. The other blue-backed cards are black spot cards. The red-backed card is the 3S. Arrange the ten cards as shown in Figure 90. The blue-backed 5D is on top of the packet, and the red-backed 3S is on the bottom of the packet.
On a piece of paper write, "YOU WILL CHOOSE THE ONLY RED CARD." Fold the paper. Place the cards and the paper into an envelope along with a paper clip. If you receive official-looking documents in the mail, put them into the envelope too. This creates the impression that they were mailed to you for the performance of this test. When ready to present the trick, remove all the contents of the envelope. Take care to keep the cards squared so you do not reveal the presence of the red-faced card or the red-backed card.
Hold the packet face up in the left hand. With the aid of the left thumb, push over to the right the face-most five or six cards. Do not spread all the cards because you want to keep the 5D hidden from view. Remark that although the cards look pretty much the same, one card is different from the others. The difference is invisible until it is pointed out; then it becomes obvious and unmistakable.
Square the packet, still keeping it face up. Count off the five face-most cards and reverse the order as you count down. Place this group of cards on the table. Turn the remaining five cards face down. Deal and reverse these cards onto the tabled packet. Pick up the packet with the right hand, grasping the packet by the ends.

Continue with the rest of the trick as written and it will now work. I'm surprised that Karl Fulves and Dover books overlooked this series of errors.

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