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Postby Guest » 04/21/03 07:07 PM

Hi I want to say a couple of things. I been using greg wilson point blank trick from his new dvd, aka ambitious card deck with a blankd deck. At the end where you make the two signatures appear on the same card I came up with a good line or way to do it if you are doing it to a couple which is good for restuarent work. you can have the girl sign the card and make it come to the top and at the end have the guy sign the card and make both of the signatures appear on the same card and say "see this proves you guys were meant to be together" also this reinforces that you werent trying to hit on his gf if you were doing all the magic to her. Also another thing that i discovered is a website called www.embracetheunknowen.com where this guy has a way to levitate thing without thread he calls it the power levitation principle. if you go to his website its under the learn magic section. He isnt big in the magic community but he is big in the seduction community he call what he does "Sex Magic" check out his other website at www.mysterysexmagic.com to read about his sex magic. I want to know what people think about the power levtiation principle he has, he said you can do it in the daylight with no lighting problem


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