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Postby Max Rodriguez » 04/22/05 07:01 PM

Im thinking about getting EdMarlos 35 years later video.I love Ed Marlos magic ,and I really enjoyed the 2 A-1 videos really cool seeing ed at Schueliens.Can anyone tell me alittle about this video I know that its alecture but thats it.
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Postby Richard Hatch » 04/22/05 10:17 PM

I haven't watched it, but here's what the advertising says:
"From Randy Wakeman. In 1985, the big news in magic was that Edward Marlo, after a 35 year hiatus from lecture appearances, had agreed to lecture in St. Louis, Missouri in 1986. As the enthusiastic applause that peppers this live lecture tape shows, Edward Marlo's appearance was a huge success on every level. Ed entertained, baffled and taught exceedingly well. We can't go back to that memorable event, but this one hour videotape can do the next best thing. Historians, Marlo aficionados and lovers of fine card magic will all enjoy this journey to the past, watching and learning some terrific magic along the way. Among the routines performed and explained are "Not All Psychological," "Female," "The Money Sandwich," "The Card in Case," "Challenge Oil and Water," and much more. Great commercial magic performed by magic's most prolific personality. Running Time: Approximately 60 Minutes"
It sells new for $35, but we have them on our website at 50% off, so just $17.50 plus shipping. If you can wait a day, I'll likely put a copy on eBay starting at just 99 cents with no reserve. No reflection on the quality of the tape, just the fact that we are closing out all videotapes. Here's a link to our website:


Here's a link to our eBay auctions:

H & R Magic Books eBay Auctions

The lecture notes were reproduced in THE CARD MAGIC OF ED MARLO along with 2 other Marlo lectures, I believe.
I hope this helps.
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Postby Max Rodriguez » 04/22/05 10:27 PM

Yes. I have the book The card magic of Ed Marlo , I know what he performs .
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Postby mago » 04/23/05 05:17 AM

The book would be a wonderful addition to the video as it contains a Lot of items that where not in the tape.

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Postby Matthew Field » 04/23/05 09:49 AM

In my September 2001 Genii review, I wrote:

In 1986 Ed Marlo returned after 35 years to lecture once again in St. Louis, MO. He prepared and published a set of lecture notes titled Thirty Five Years Later and the material from these notes became part of The Card Magic of Ed Marlo published by L&L in 1993. This is a one-camera video recording of that lecture, in color and excellent quality (for a home video-type recording) and what a treat for Marlo fans it is.

You are transported to a noisy hotel meeting room, with sounds of whatever was going on in the adjacent room, complete with boom-boom rock music, leaking through. The camera uses its zoom capabilities intermittently and you cant see the faces of the cards clearly. Just like attending a real lecture! Theres the great Marlo, pompadoured hairpiece and all, in a great mood and obviously proud to be at the convention hes addressing. And this is the funny Ed Marlo, giving forth with many magician-only jokes and recounting stunts he pulled on the wise-guys when he was pitching slum magic at Chicagos Treasure Chest (about which you can find more in Jon Racherbaumers book of Marlo non-card effects, Arcade Dreams). Its a great portrait of the man.

Oh, yes the tricks. There are ten, nine of which are explained. Are We Fooling Ourselves has the Ace of Spades and three blank cards transforming into each other; Female, a famous trick in which a card is freely named by a woman, then all the cards are shown to have male names printed on their backs except the selection, which not only has a female name, its the spectators actual name! It takes some pre-show work and the card cant be handed out, but Marlo has some variations (naturally) which address these restrictions. Not All Psychological is a stop trick; Devilish Miracle and On the Interlaced Transposition are incomplete but valuable footnotes to the performance of these classic tricks; The Money Sandwich uses a gaffed dollar bill for a very clean Between Your Palms variation, and Card In Case is yet another variant; Challenge Oil and Water is performance-only and you cant see the faces of the cards, but it is still very impressive.

You might be able to learn a couple of the tricks from this video alone, but it is really most valuable as an adjunct to either of the two books mentioned above. Actually, its greatest value is being able to time-warp oneself back 15 years to attend a Marlo lecture, something of which many a cardician worthy of his linen finish has dreamt.

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Postby Richard Hatch » 04/23/05 04:21 PM

Just posted a new copy of this video on eBay beginning at just 99 cents with no reserve. Here's the link:

Marlo 35 Years Later Video on eBay

Good luck!
(Links to our other videos is in the early post)
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Postby Philippe Billot » 04/30/05 09:43 AM

As I'm not sure that all the notes were reproduced in The Card Magic of Edward Marlo, I give you the T.O.C. of the lecture notes published in 1986 and entitled Thirty Five Years Later. In that way,you can compare.

Page ..01 Foreword
Page ..03 Olram's Clarified Routine - Method 1
Page ..07 Olram's Clarified Routine - Method 2
Page ..08 Olram's Clarified Routine - Method 3
Page ..11 Olram's Clarified Routine - Method 4
Page ..12 Olram's Clarified Routine - Method 5
Page ..13 Olram's Clarified Routine - Method 6
Page ..14 Olram's Clarified Routine - Method 7
Page ..14 Olram's Clarified Routine - Method 8
Page ..16 The Eidetic Slide
Page ..17 Pure Reverse Assembly
Page ..20 Spread Pass Addition
Page ..23 Challenge Oil & Water or Try this with a Glide
Page ..26 The Sick Cannibals
Page ..29 Smorgasboard Cannibals (Randy Wakeman)
Page ..30 Marlo Extra Card Take
Page ..31 New Ace Vanishes
Page ..32 Olram's Updated Collins
Page ..34 The Money Sandwich
Page ..34 Control of 3 Cards
Page ..37 The Card in Case
Page ..39 Anchored Add On
Page ..40 Flexible Miracle Spread
Page ..42 Not All Psychological
Page ..43 Another Spectator Cuts the Aces
Page ..44 Female
Page ..47 53 Cards Wont's Do
Page ..50 Are We Kidding Ourselves
Page ..51 Not So Obvious
Page ..52 Easy Multiple Convincing Control
Page ..53 Togetherness
Page ..55 Marlo's Spring Dribble Pass
Page ..56 Stud Turn Palm
Page ..57 Dallas to Chicago - Method 1
Page ..58 Dallas to Chicago - Method 2
Page ..58 Dallas to Chicago - Method 3
Page ..60 Last Minute Note
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