New Patter Suggestions for The Cannibal Cards?

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Postby Guest » 03/04/05 11:38 AM

Hi all!

I love Darwin Ortiz' construction and handling of the Cannibal Cards routine ("Cannibal Holocaust") in his book, "Scams and Fantasies", but I would never use it with the standard patter. Any story line about cannibals eating missionaries (or Jeffrey Dahmer, Ed Gein, Hannibal Lector, etc., doing the same to other people) is really repulsive to me. (I know some of you will say, "Just lighten up", but that's just where I'm at -- and I hope a lot of you are, too.)

I want a "kinder and gentler", more light-hearted presentation for this routine. My only thought so far has been a story line about overly-hungry, "king-size" frogs who slurp up too many flies and who, in the end, spit them out (maybe because they see the error of their over-eating ways).

Any other patter suggestions along this line for the Cannibal Cards would be appreciated. Thanks!

Postby Carl Mercurio » 03/04/05 12:01 PM

1. Two losers trying to pick up girls in a bar and the girls keep getting away; but in the end, the guys get lucky and the girls come back.

2. Money you keep trying to save keeps getting eaten up by life's endless litany of expenses; but luckily you have a good 401(k) plan and always have more money in the end....or the money gets stolen but you get it back in the end.

3. When I was a kid the dog always ate my homework. When I became a magician I ran into another problem. The dog ate my cards. But being a magician I knew how to get the cards back, without having to cut the dog in half.

4. Did I ever tell you about the new magician's diet? We eat cards. Let me show you what I mean. But being magicians, we can always get the cards back.

Hope this helps, Carl
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Postby Jeff Haas » 03/04/05 05:11 PM

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Postby Anthony Brahams » 03/05/05 03:42 AM

Thanks, Jeff Haas, for routing to the earlier thread. Gives food for thought (pun intended). Maybe reference to an ATM/Cash Dispenser, whatever called in the USA, that keeps swallowing up bank card. If you want to clutter up the effect, (possibly?) money could then be produced a la Andrus.
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Postby Guest » 03/05/05 03:40 PM

Thanks, everyone, for the help -- it is appreciated!

Postby Jacky Kahan » 03/05/05 04:43 PM


Maybe this could help you :

Make a search with "cannibal" on you will have about 30 matches... telling you in which book and on what page you could find what you are looking for :)

hope this helps,


ps: you do have to register first...and it's FREE...
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Postby Vraagaard » 10/14/05 05:05 AM

Currently I perform the Larry Jennings version, but I'm going to look into Ackermann's and Curtis Kam's version as well.

I never liked the missionary part of the patter. So my patter is build like "When I come home from performing I always feel like I kind of miss some cards in the deck - I know for a fact that I magically vanished some of them - but that doesn't explain why more cards are missing (people are nodding their heads to this because thats how they sometimes feels about money in their purse). Now I discovered what actually happens - it is these four aces that actually are disguised aliens - and they beams cards away from the deck and into a parrallel world - let me show you"

Do the effect - say "beam me up scotty" every time a card goes away instead of the usual chewing sounds.

I you like you can end the effect by palming the beamed cards of the deck and produced them from your pocket wallet or whatever - however I just leave the four aces on the table for the spectators examination.
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Postby Pete Biro » 10/14/05 11:04 AM

I like "BURP!" :D
Stay tooned.
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Postby Guest » 10/15/05 10:47 AM

Have you heard the latest theory about Tyrannosaurus rex? (Show the kings. (rex = king))
They were social animals; They hunted in packs. (Continue on with your favorite routine.)

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