Al Stanger's Incredible Poker Machine

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Postby Arnie Fuoco » 06/14/04 03:20 PM

Has anyone seen the description of Al Stanger's Incredible Poker Machine on Hocus Pocus? The challenge here is to figure out what text is being ommitted in order to convert this from an impossible to somewhat plausible effect. If you haven't read this it is worth a trip to and click on new items. Try the impossible! :confused:
Arnie Fuoco
Arnie Fuoco
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Postby Guest » 01/19/05 07:02 PM

To my mind all the text is ok for the first three effects. But I worry about the fourth! :help:

Postby Guest » 01/19/05 07:20 PM

I have an Al Stanger Incredible Poker Machine and it is indeed incredible. You can argue over an adjective here or there in the description but the end result is that the machine does what it says it can do! The first few weeks I kept fooling myself. I understand that John Mendoza has a demonstration of The Poker Machine on a forth coming DVD I believe from L&L. I think it also has John's Chop Cup routine on the DVD and I wish they (L&L) would release the DVD all ready! I want one just to see how a really great professional presents what even I, a broken down old sort of magician can and does make into a miracle. In John's hands I am sure it is real magic! That is what it is supposed to be, right?

Postby cataquet » 01/20/05 02:37 AM

The poker machine sounds like a computerised version of Matt Field's "Poker Divination" in Precursor. In that effect, the first four cards are used to signal the value of the fifth. So, the method requires that the magician know all five cards so that he can tell the spectator the order in which to input the cards into the machine.

If I am wrong about the method, then I'm sure Bob will correct me
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Postby Guest » 01/21/05 05:34 AM

Hi Harold, If the Bob you are referring to in the above post is me then I will make the following "in the know" statement. The Poker Machine is designed so that those " in the know," don't! Sorry I cannot be more specific.


Postby Glenn Farrington » 01/21/05 11:51 AM

Its an effect that is as close to god like as you can get.
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