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Postby pduffie » 04/03/05 08:05 AM

Another chance to Download rare Tom Sellers Manuscript.

Royal Flush - systems for Stock & Cull Shuffling.

Free of charge! at:

Best Wishes

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Postby Yves Tourigny » 04/03/05 08:35 AM

Thanks Peter,

This is very interesting stuff indeed!

Yves Tourigny
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Postby Paul Hayward » 04/03/05 01:19 PM

Hi Peter,

Many thanks for making this really interesting manuscript freely available. It will certainly keep me busy for a while.

Best Regards,

Paul H
Paul Hayward
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Postby Guest » 04/04/05 02:03 AM

Great Stuff (as usual) It's always a treat to check out the latest 'freebie' on Duffies site... is on my "fave" list - when I'm needing a card fix, I always click that link.

Speaking of great/free poker items....
While your on Duffie's site, be sure to check out

"Zenner & the Art
of Inpiration by
David Britland"

This is David Britland blog/magic style site

The card routine (The Last Game) posted March 14th is VERY good.

Also Look to the left and click;

"The Great Poker Trick Nelson Downs described"

After reading the 1st routine, keep going...
This note is what makes it a real gem:

Tom Boyer published his version in 1926 in Linking Ring (Vol IV, No. 1). He dealt seven hands, dealing a bottom card on the 14th and 28th cards. This gave everyone a full house. The performer than draws four cards to win with a straight flush.

Postby Guest » 04/09/05 07:58 PM

"The Great Poker Trick Nelson Downs described" is potentially a great trick. It's also in Michael MacDougall's Card Mastery, under the title "Seven Hands of Satan."

Macdougall notes that decks, depending on the manufacturer, don't necessarily come in what we call "new deck order." I. E. four suits in A-K order.He suggests counting them, to reverse the order.

In a Bicycle or Bee pack, you have to reverse count the bottom 26 cards, for example. Or overhand shuffle, of course.

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