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Postby Guest » 03/19/03 06:51 PM

Hey guys here's something thats been bothering me. When performing in a formal setting do you think its better to use very pretty,elegant coins or regular change. It seems as if its better to do magic with normal pocket change however it also seems a bit inelelegant. I would love to hear others thoughts on this.
Noah Levine

Postby Guest » 03/19/03 07:28 PM

For a formal setting, I'd say use silver dollers or '64 halfs. For impromptu, I try to use whatever borrowed coins are available to me.

Postby Bill Duncan » 03/19/03 08:12 PM

I've always thought that the answer comes from the script of the trick you're performing (the "why") and not from some arbitrary decision about what is better.

For example, I use a Franklin half and English penny for my copper/silver routine because the script speaks about Ben and Queen Liz in the abtract. If there is some reason that having such coins in your pocket seems theatrically "wrong" then you can always produce them magically.

Using pocket change really limits you in a number of ways but can enhance the effect as well. I would never do cigarette through half dollar, for example, and borrowing a coin and putting it in a bottle is almost certainly stronger than using your own because the magic seems unprepared.

And while I don't believe that using my own quarters to do "shadow coins" or "coins across" really enhances the effect much there is a nominal advantage to borrowing some of the quarters when you are doing something that uses the one ahead principle.

I consider the ultimate "impromptu" coin effect to be Roth's Karate Coin. You borrow a coin, push your finger through it and hand it back. Sadly doing it with a borrowed quarter is kinda difficult when your fingers are a large as mine...
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Postby Carl Mercurio » 03/21/03 11:24 AM

I agree with Bill. I use both pocket change and silver halfs or dollars depending on the trick. No need to be dogmatic about it....
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Postby Guest » 04/04/03 12:21 AM

Barber halfs and quarters from the turn of the last century (around 1900 to 1917 or so) look identical except for size, and at least mine are very thin. THey have a very bold eagle on the 'tails' side that looks great on a mat. I think they're the most attractive silver coins you can find in he smaller denominations, and the thickness makes them ideal for Matrix. Three barber halves can be palmed in the same space as two liberty's. I believe they're called barber because that was the designers name.

they're a little harder to find, but I can get them from my local coin supplier for 2 to 4 times the face value value in very smooth, ready for smelting condition. I like gambling routines, and they have an 'old west' look to them that fits the plot of many of my routines, and they have a good audio ring to them also.

Postby Chris Bailey » 04/04/03 07:37 AM

Milikin's(sp) Transposition uses halfs and quarters. That's a great routine that could look SOMEWHAT impromptu if you borrow the quarters and supply your own halves. I suppose you could borrow sachagawa dollars to replace the halfs but I don't see these much either.
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Postby Brad Jeffers » 04/04/03 03:02 PM

Chris, Sacageweas would not do for Milliken's Transposition. Remember, there is that nice moment where you show a lone half dollar in your right hand, when in reality there is a quarter hidden beneath it. A Sacagewea would be to small for this to work.
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Postby Bill Duncan » 04/04/03 08:27 PM

Could someone post a reference for Milliken's Transposition? After a nine year hiatus from magic I can't remember where it's published.

I remember learning it from Mike Skinner and it was in my rep. for the longest time but now I can't remember it...

Of all the things I've lost I think I miss my mind the most.
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Postby Brian Marks » 04/05/03 03:38 PM

I do it with quarters and pennies
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Postby Chris Bailey » 04/07/03 06:42 AM

Doh! You're right Brad. Thanks for pointing that out.
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Postby Guest » 04/07/03 01:54 PM

The most elegant coins I use are very worn walking liberty's... they run between 6-15 dollars here in NYC. I have about 10 of them that I got at the same time to insure they all looked as close to each other as possible. That way if I lose 2 at a gig I have 2 extra and am able to do any standard routine (I do several of Gertner's routines that require 6 coins)

Old AND ultra elegant with just the right "ring" to them.


Postby Brad Jeffers » 04/07/03 03:38 PM

Bill, Milliken's Transposition first appeared in Wonderful Routines of Magic by Ellison Poland.
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Postby Ira Rush » 04/08/03 11:57 AM

Originally posted by Jeffery S:
[QB]The most elegant coins I use are very worn walking liberty's... /QB]
I could not agree more !!

I too use Walking Liberty half dollars as well as Morgan Silver Dollars all of them "soft coins" in a "formal setting"
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