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Postby Guest » 08/29/07 02:59 PM

Being redirected to a very effective card spin-out by Mr. Lorayne in 'Reputation Makers' (from previous post) I decided to page through the book again to see what other gems I could find. And gems there are. I'd forgotten what a good teacher this man is. Guess it just shows that the books we already have, that just sit on the shelf, are worth a second or third look before we rush to buy the latest and greatest whatever.

Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/29/07 07:06 PM

Reputation Makers is one of Harry's best. Why the hell it is out of print is anyone's guess!
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Guest » 08/29/07 07:21 PM

It would be nice if Mr. Lorayne would reprint this as a hardbound book. It would definitely make me very happy (& I'm very sure a lot of people out there would feel the same way too). :D

Postby Guest » 08/30/07 08:17 AM


Anything, nay, EVERYTHING from the pen of Mr Lorayne ought to be on your shelf - period.



Postby Guest » 08/30/07 08:31 AM

Dear Darren,

"Brethren"?? You been on the sauce?

Paul Gordon (see you on Portsmouth)

Postby Guest » 08/30/07 08:37 AM

Hi Paul.

Glad to bump into you here!

No sauce for me sadly - too busy with my diagonal palm shifts and, kudos to Mr Lorayne, HaLo cuts!

See you at the end of October, aye.



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