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Postby Guest » 08/24/02 07:06 AM

Hi everyone,

May I call your attention to the demonstration video of Impossible twist by mr Mark Mason.

The version that Mark demonstrated was the basic one, rather than the advance handling that I have explained in the video. And the advance version is actually a collaboration between me and Bill Goodwin which is much better than the basic version.The reason why mark demonstrated the basic verion is that he wants people to know the alternative handling of this effect.

Also, Mark somehow forgot to mention that there is a bonus routine in the Impossible Twist video--Tough Kings. This routine belongs to my friend Michael Lam--who is Lennart Green's student. Tough Kings is a four of a kind revelation routine using Lennart's Top Shot. I didn't explain this routine in the video, as if you familarize with Lennart's materials, you will know the works.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to Guy Hollingworth, Ray Kosby, Bill Goodwin, and Michael for their inspiration and kindly help to me.

Best Wishes,


PS. for those who are intereted in watching my demonstration of basic version Impossible Twist, please either visit my homepage :


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