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Postby Guest » 01/16/05 12:12 PM

Does anyone remember a trick called THE ROTATING PENCIL? It was one of my favorites. Basically, a pencil passed through a closed fist point first, would emerge with the eraser on the point end and vice versa. At the end the spec would be able to examine the pencil.
Is it still available? If so where?

Postby David Acer » 01/16/05 12:44 PM

Hi Hank,

The Rotating Pencil was put out by James Rainho under the "Simplex" bannerhead. You can find it at
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Postby Guest » 02/09/05 06:52 AM

Thanks David--Will check out

Postby Guest » 02/09/05 12:36 PM

Did you know there is a slieght-of-hand version of this? I don't remember whose it is, but I want to say Ross Bertram...

Best, PSC

Postby Guest » 02/09/05 12:56 PM

That rotating pencil mentioned, actually I saw Fred Kaps perform way back in the late 1950s, but I don't know who invented it.
It might have been something he picked up when visiting the US at that time, so the q. also is when-at what date/year- it got made available via mr. Rainho

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