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Postby John Carey » 04/09/05 05:23 AM

A number of years ago, i heard about an effect of max mavens which i believe is called the1 handed card trick.

A card is peeked at while the right hand is kept in your pocket. The selection vanishes and your right hand comes out of pocket with the selection!

Has max or anyone else published this type of effect as i do have a couple of methods that might be of interest. cheers john carey
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Postby Guest » 04/09/05 06:37 AM

Tommy Wonder told story about the trick with one hand in Finland few years back and in our local magic magazine "Jokeri" there was a competition to figure out a routine descripted by Wonder. The effect was excatly the same as told above by Carney.

The results were published in Jokeri magazine and few of them were very very good. I am not sure if they are published anywhere else, but I have come across similar methods in print.

Also there was a german book that was later translated to english, consertos for pasterboards or something like that. It had similar kind or routine by Helge Thun if I am not mistaken where peeked card was supposed to be in the hand that was all along in the pocket. The routine had pirate theme in it.

Postby Reinhard Mueller » 04/09/05 09:21 AM

Helge Thun's effect: CAPTAIN HOOK'S CARD TRICK:
Selected, signed card appears folded up on the tip performer's left index finger, even though left hand was kept in performer's pocket throughout the trick.

Erens (ed.) CONCERTOS FOR PASTEBOARDS; Hermetic Press 2000
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Postby John Carey » 04/10/05 11:44 PM

Thanks gentlemen.

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