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Postby Bob Farmer » 01/16/02 10:06 AM

I'm looking for any references to this class of move:

The deck is spread face up on the table. As you pick it up and turn it face down, you secretly cut it.

The alternative, often published, is to sight the card you want to cut at in the spread. As the spread is picked up and squared, you keep a break and double cut. The problem with this is that it doesn't look as good as simply scooping up the deck and holding it.

I've come up with a solution which I'll post (a sort of tabled turn over pass that's really easy to do), but I'm wondering if anyone else has published any ideas on this problem. I want to make sure I haven't reinvented anything.

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Postby Matt Sedlak » 01/16/02 11:39 AM

There are many different versions of a turnover pass. The oldest version that I have read was in Expert Card technique but I'm sure there are earlier published versions. You may have developed a newer version of it but it is impossible to tell without seeing it done.
Matt Sedlak
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Postby Bob Farmer » 01/16/02 12:39 PM

Originally posted by Matt Sedlak:
There are many different versions of a turnover pass...

Matt: Thank you for replying. I am familiar with the turnover passes you mentioned, however, those are all done in the hands, off the table.

I'm looking for any move that secretly cuts the deck as you pick up a spread of cards from the table.

The fact that the deck is spread on the table must be a major factor in the move.

Scooping the deck up, squaring it, holding a break and then doing a pass or Double Cut doesn't fit into what I'm looking for.
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Postby Matt Sedlak » 01/16/02 07:29 PM

The only other pass that i know that might be similar would be a Zingone pass. While I am sure your method is different, it may borrow some things from the Zingone which is a table pass.
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Postby Guest » 01/16/02 08:27 PM

There are a number of table turnover passes detailed on Richard Turner's two volume set of gambling videos entitled

"Richard Turner - The Cheat".

Some of the passes happen as the packet is picked up, and some using the edge of the table as a shield. I prefer using the edge of the table. The two volume set is superb, although the naming of the individual moves is confusing, and must be cross referenced with the table of contents.

Postby Bob Farmer » 01/17/02 10:20 AM

I looked up the Zingone pass and it's not what I have. Zingone puts the two packes together, picks them off the table, does the pass and deals. The cards start and remain face down. He starts with two packets.

The differences with my idea are:

1. It's a turnover pass.

2. The deck is SPREAD face-up on the table.

In one continuous motion, you (apparently) scoop the face-up deck together and flip it face down and deal.

Maybe I shouldn't have used the word "pass" in posting this -- it's more like a very sneaky cut (visible, but acceptable). Here's what I've come up with (and note that you MUST start with a spread on the table -- it's all part of scooping up the spread):

1. Deck is spread face-up, left to right. Assume the AS is right in the middle and you want to cut it to the bottom.

2. Left hand is at left end of spead, right hand at right end.

3.Your left hand begins to scoop the cards up, moving left to right, until the left thumb can press on the face of the AS.

4. Stop. Now left hand begins to move its cards straight up, keeping them horizontal, which will lever all the cards to the RIGHT of the AS up to 90 degrees.

5. As soon as those right hand cards are at 90 degrees, the right hand grabs those cards, moves them to the horizontal, and moves LEFT, which will automatically flip the left hand cards face down. The right hand cards come to rest on those cards, also face down.

It's kind of a scoop left, scoop right motion. You can also do it oin the hands, but it's not as good. It's also useful for cuttung a card to the face of a packet -- spread the packet face up in your hands, spot the card you want on the face and do the move as you turn it face down.
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Postby Bill Duncan » 01/17/02 12:36 PM

Have a card peeked and glimpse it using the usual technique. Spread the deck face up to show that "nothing funny is going on"
Note the name of the card and the number of cards needed to spell to it.
Do the Bob Farmer "Ribbon Pass" to position the 'thought of card' in spelling position and hand the deck to the spectator. Direct the person thinking of the card to spell to it.

The REMEMBERED effect is that you ask them to think of a card from a face up deck and then handed them the deck and asked the to spell to it.

This sounds like a great utility move. I can't wait to get home to a deck and try it out!
Bill Duncan
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Postby Bob Farmer » 01/18/02 03:49 PM

Bill-- great idea.

Here's another one: Force card on bottom of deck. Deck in hands, not on table. Begin to spread deck face-down in hands and as you spread ask the spectator to say stop. As soon as you hear stop, break the deck, turn it deck face up (using the move) and immediately deal the card from the left hand to the table.
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