Who is the best coin magician you have seen?

Discuss your favorite close-up tricks and methods.

Postby steve » 09/27/01 09:26 PM

I don't intend for this to be a "so and so it better than so and so" thread, so let me frame the question with a little background. I enjoy coin magic, and I am new to it, relative to most of you guys. I buy a lot of stuff, videos, books, lecture notes, and attend lectures when I can. My question is who have you seen that blew you away with coins, and perhaps also has some great material available to help us newbies learn?

Certainly, Roth is as the top of my training list. The list of coin guys is fairly long, but I would like the opinions of all of you working magicians on who is someone that a new person should be watching closely if he wishes to learn the art of coins.

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Postby Guest » 09/28/01 01:47 AM

I don't perform coin magic myself but I enjoy watching those that can. In my opinion, David Roth is tops on the list of the guys I have seen. His strengths are not just in sleight of hand but also in structure of a routine. His stuff looks like magic.

I recently saw a videotape of a magician named Curtis Kam that was really impressive. Once again, not only was his sleight of hand top notch, but he also did a wonderful job structuring the routines. The routines flowed very nicely.

I can imagine that in order for coin magic to look anywhere near as magical as David Roth or Curtis Kam, you will have to invest many many many hours, days and months (and years) to achieve success. (Plus these guys have a talent for it. A "touch" if you will).

Postby Guest » 09/28/01 12:12 PM

Absolutely hands down the best I have ever seen is Chris Korn. He does the most difficult sleight of hand and does it flawlessly. I also have to say Troy Hoosier is extremely talented as well, he exhibits the touch you speak of Mark.
I will say that although I have never seen Roth live, his Purse and Glass routine floored me when I saw it the first time. Very Magical. So yes Roth is up there too.

Postby Sean Macfarlane » 09/28/01 03:12 PM

I had a chance to meet Chris Korn in Hong Kong for an evening and witnessed some wonderful routines with coins, stuff I had never seen before, but I would also like to add the Chris himself told me that for him, Homer Liwag was one of the very best with coins he had seen, I saw Homer on Video once doing impromptu stuff with a pen and a mobile phone, he certainly has got the chops and the timing, I would love to hear more about this gentleman if anyone would be kind enough to share.Thanks
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Postby Brian Marks » 09/28/01 04:50 PM

Its hard to say who's the best because Ive seen several people who for one reason or another I like them.

Sol Stone is the smoothest at coin magic that Ive seen.

Eric DeCamps, Curtis Kam, David Roth, Cris Korn and Troy Hoosier are all great. I like them all.
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Postby Robert Kane » 09/29/01 06:21 AM

I know others have great chops...but the best I have seen are James Lewis and Roger Klause. Clarity of effect along with stylish presentation.

I am a big fan of Two Copper, One Silver... both Roger and James have killer versions :)
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Postby Guest » 09/29/01 07:01 AM


What about John Carney?? I saw him last year in sweden, he got a very soft touch with coins, and also cards. But specially his coinwork is awesome.
Also Davdi Roth is outstanding, he is number one with coins!


Postby steve » 09/29/01 07:50 AM

I have Richard's books (CoinMagic and Roth's book) and I know of Sol Stone's work. Does anyone know if he has been captured on video doing any coin work? If so, what would it be on? Perhaps a better question is on all of the people mentioned. I know of Curtis Kam's "Palms of Steel", and most of the other main stream publications.

I bought a couple of tapes from Steven's in my dire search to find material with Bobo on it. If there is footage of him (which left my jaw dropped open and slobber running down my chin), then I would imagine there is footage of a lot of the people who are mentioned.

The thing that blew me away with Bobo was how simple he kept it.
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Postby Paul Cummins » 09/30/01 07:04 AM

Best coin workers I've seen (in the order in which I met/saw them):

Sol Stone
Derek Dingle
David Roth
Chad Long (doesn't do tons of coin material, but what he does is outstanding)
Mike Gallo
Roger Klause
Rune Klan

Coin workers that I have yet to meet but would *love* to sit with some day:

Curtis Kam
Harvey Rosenthal
Chris Korn
Dean Dill
Paul Cummins
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/30/01 04:15 PM

I don't think there's going to be a lot of debate about David Roth's dominance of the field of coin magic since the 1970s. There is simply no one else as technically good or as creative.
That said, Derek Dingle, in his day, was one of the best coin handlers in the world, as was Geoffrey Latta (whose book will be published by Stephen Minch in the next few years).
Don't forget about Chris Kenner, who handles coins with great fluidity. And recently, of course, Paul Wilson has established himself highly with his Ramsay-esque style of handling.
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Postby steve » 09/30/01 08:36 PM

Yes Richard, I agree, David Roth is the master of all coin magic. I was careful in constructing the question because it wasn't meant to be a debate about who the best ever is/was. The question is more guidance for me on who I need to be looking out for when lectures come up, or books/videos come out, so that I might learn from someone other than Roth. I personally believe one should not learn from a single person. That would only make me a Roth wannabie. I prefer to watch as many people as possible and create my own style. But, I can't do that if I don't know who the industry thinks are the best.

I think Mr. Cummins left his own name off the list. Excellent work on your own coin work, if I do say so myself. Darn backclip!!!

Thanks for the replies to this thread. It does help me a great deal to know who you guys enjoy watching. I'll keep my eyes and ears open for all that have been mentioned.

I personally saw David Stone and his work live was excellent. He smoked me very badly and I thought I knew the tricks he was doing. Well, I knew the tricks, but he modified the methods when he did them for me, which left me speechless. He was very smooth.
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Postby Robert Kane » 09/30/01 09:18 PM

Steve S...you are correct about Mr. Cummins. I saw him perform a coin matrix/chink-a-chink bit back in Vegas a few years ago. I was stunned (in a postive way) to say the least. :)
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Postby Guest » 10/01/01 12:25 AM

I don't think you will get an argument from anyone when you put David Roth on the top of a list of best coin magicians ever seen. David's work has influenced many magicians and he is arguably the modern day master of the specific art.

I have probably been influenced most by Roth's work, Paul Cummins' video was also an epiphany for me on his back clipping work.

Without listing the names already presented within this thread, I would add two to it...

Bob Fitch has an ability with coins that is not to be overlooked. After a Bob Kohler lecture I was privileged to watch Mr. Fitch "play with coins". For one who considered himself to be able to follow coin magic sleight of hand, some of what Bob did completely confounded me. I did not witness a masterpiece of routine plot and construction, but rather simple unadulterated coin play. Bob in my opinion has captured the essence of coin magic - which is efficiency of motion. He would take any coin concealment I named and transition into another with minimal hand movement.

I would also add to the list the aforementioned Bob Kohler. Bob proved to be quite an accomplished coin magician, with the highlights obviously being Ultimate 3 Fly and his handling of Ramsay's Cylinder and Coins.

Steve S, if you are interested in coin magic, I have a whole website dedicated to that specific niche at www.coinvanish.com. Therein I have reviews of some of the most recent coin material released. Also are a few essays on foundations of coin magic, simple building blocks to help get going in coin magic.
Another website you may wish to visit is hosted by my friend Dominic Reyes, called The Coin Purse www.coinmagic.com. Also dedicated to this niche of magic.

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Postby Richard James » 10/02/01 02:49 PM

By far the best Coin Magician I have ever seen is Andrew Galloway. I spent an afternoon with him a couple of years back and he blew me away.

In saying that, Andrew is simply the best Close-up Magician I have EVER seen with ANY object.

The only possible exception is his Card Handling. During the afternoon, he didn't really do ANY card 'tricks' Maybe he IS the best card Handler too? But I can't comment on that as I have never seen him work with cards!

It's a pity that he isn't better known :(

I know that Ricky Jay, John Carney and David Roth have all spent time with Andy. Although I have been told that Andy didn't perform ANY magic for Roth. Why? Because Roth sat in Andy's chair :D

Regards to All,

Richard James

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Postby Guest » 10/02/01 03:33 PM

Hi All.

By looking trough all these threads, I'm surprised not to see the names of Michael Skinner, JOhn Carney and David Williamson. I surely concider these guys to be some of the greastest close-up magicians the world has seen.


Postby Guest » 10/02/01 06:27 PM

If you are seriously interested in stunning coin magic then I urge you to track down a video by Stevens Magic. It is the Magic of Canada #2. On it Gary Kurtz performs a whole coin routine entitled "Full Frontal Assault". I defy anyone to figure out ANY of how it's done. I watched the performance of it five times before I watched the explanation. When I watched the performance again, armed with full knowledge of the method, I still couldn't see him do any moves!

Some of the routine involves sleeving and his technique is flawless and invisible. Remember, Carl Cloutier used to be a student of Kurtz's (now you know who to blame!) and seeing Kurtz's performance here it's not difficult to see what inspired Cloutier. The whole routine is one of the most magical pieces of coin MAGIC (not simply a trick) that I have ever seen. And yes, I have seen Roth, Stone, Korn, Carney et al.

Considering how great Kurtz's popularity was in the magic community a few years ago I'm surprised that this awesome routine isn't more widely known. He did release it as a separate manuscript but I don't think did much to try and promote it.

If you take time to find and watch the video, I'm ceratin you won't regret it.

Postby Yves Tourigny » 10/02/01 07:08 PM

Mark you are right Gary Kurtz was one of the best coin and cards handler there was. He abandonned close-up magic though to be a very good mentalist.

By the way Full Frontal Assault was not explained on the Magic from Canada video.

Cheers :)
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Postby Guest » 10/02/01 07:25 PM


Indeed, Kurtz's creativity as a mentalist is establishing a great reputation for him in the 'real world'.

His 'FFF' routine is definitely on the Magic of Canada Vol.2 - it is one of only three videos I own.

Here is the link to Steven's website:
http://www.stevensmagic.com/videocatalo ... waters.asp

Postby Yves Tourigny » 10/02/01 08:12 PM


You are right. I just checked and it is explained on the video. Sorry to have misled you.

Cheers :D
Yves Tourigny
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Postby Guest » 10/02/01 08:25 PM


I did not know Gary filmed an explanation to the routine. It's nice to know its out there.

I have a performance only tape of him doing it. It took me quite a few watchings, but if you are familiar with Gary's work (from his books and videos) you can eventually figure out what he does, nevertheless, I agree knowing and seeing what he does are two different things. Some things I know he did by logic and tell tell moves, I could not for the life of me actually see it!


Postby Ryan Swigert » 10/02/01 11:01 PM

I would have to say that my favorite coin workers are Chris Korn, Homer Liwag, and my friend Jason Wethington. I have been very grateful to hang out with these gurus and watch them develop into the masters that they are.
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Postby Guest » 10/04/01 07:21 AM

The best coin magician I have seen is
"Shigeo Futagawa","Yoshihiko Mutobe","Curtis Kam".

Now I am interested in New Generation, So I want to meet "Rune Klan", "Kainoa Harbottle
" ,"David Stone". I think they are very good magician.

I saw David Roth and talk with him. He was best coin magician and Now he is very good coin magician, But he is not best,I think.

Postby Brian Marks » 10/04/01 02:19 PM

Its hard to say who's the best. It becomes a matter of opinion. Whos the best performer of coin magic? Who has the best routines? Who is technically superior? this not only relates to coin magic but you get the point. I think the question should be who do you like the most?
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Postby Guest » 10/04/01 02:58 PM

On my earlier post I forgot to mention Homer Liwag. He is undoubtedly one of the finer real-world close-up magicians in the world. Also Paul Cummins is very talented.
Steve I think you are wise to seek out as many different sources for coin work. Also Bob Fitch yes is talented but really there are so many talented peoole out there it is difficult to name them all!

Thanks Swigert for the nod in this category but you know the rule "When the Koin-man is around my coins go away!" good to see you on here hope you find what your looking for. Till then keep "Kickin' Back"

By the way Richard I for one am looking forward to the Latta book. I think he was truly great in both the card and coin genre's. Was he ever captured on Video that you know of?

Postby steve » 10/04/01 05:01 PM

Brian, I specifically didn't say "Who's the best" because that is greatly an opinion. Please read my initial few posts again, and you'll see it wasn't meant to say who is better than who, but rather a guide to a novice on who to be studying, other than the well known guys.
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Postby Bill Duncan » 10/04/01 06:35 PM

Are there any videos (with or without explainations) of Dr. Sawa's coin work? I have the NYMS video with "Bad Tailor" on it but I'd really like to see some of his other stuff...
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Postby Brian Marks » 10/04/01 07:25 PM

Steve I wasnt necessarily refering to you but several responses to your post.
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