Which Tom Stone ebook?

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Postby Guest » 12/20/07 05:33 AM

Not sure if this is where to ask this question but its the only place that made sense.

I have 2 of Tom Stones ebooks, Tracking Mr Fogg and A Toast for Charon. Both are excellent. He currently has 11 other ebooks available with the latest being Random Walk which I will be getting. I would like to get a couple more to read over the Christmas holiday. I have read all the reviews and each one is recommended highly. I am looking for someone that has a few of Mr Stones ebooks to provide suggestions and/or recommendations on which ebook you found the most value in. I am a close up dude that dabbles in parlor.

Postby Jeff Eline » 12/20/07 08:33 AM

If you've read all the reviews, than you know that this months Genii has a detailed review by Jamy Swiss of all his e-books. That might help if you haven't read it yet.
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