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Postby Todd Lassen » 04/17/06 07:51 PM

I've purchased a bunch of new materials to play around with and made up some prototypes. I have posted them to a free website and will probably end up moving a few of them to my site. The materials, in my opinion, are really nice. I have some more stuff in the works and will post those soon also. I'm working on a tortoise shell wand right now with ivory tips. My daughter suggests some tortoise shell dice with ivory dots. I'm also quite fond of the animal horn material. The stock is just beautiful. The dice stacking cup has gotten some nice comments from people I've shown it to, the pictures don't do it very much justice. I think ball vases would look great made out of some of this stuff too.

The coin dropper is an old design of course, but streamlined and made to close tolerances for smooth and silent operation. The clip can be reversed allowing it to be clipped inside your coat rather than waist as it is pictured. This delivers 4 coins into 3rd finger curl palm very effortlessly allowing you to come out pointing, etc. Any suggestions are welcome.

The okito boxes.. I've made dozens of prototypes, experimenting with weighting them, different materials, etc. There are a few designs that I think are really nice. The ivory ones with the brass innerds have a great feel. My wife is scrimshawing some of the ivory. I've aquired some nice free machining bronze too and worked out some designs for more standard versions. After I settle on a final design for these I'd like to have them made locally in small production runs. I think the bronze is much nicer looking than brass and should age nicely. I'm making everything with nice radius' on them. It gives them a great feel and makes the moves very smooth and quieter.

I posted these on another website, and for some strange reason the thread was deleted. I can't imagine why. Thanks for looking. Cheers.
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Postby Guest » 04/17/06 10:00 PM

I really like the Okito/Boston Boxes. Can't wait until you are ready to sell. :)

Postby Glenn Farrington » 04/17/06 11:19 PM

Beautiful work.
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Postby Guest » 04/18/06 03:19 AM

Very nice Todd. I can't wait to see your ball vases.

Postby Guest » 04/18/06 10:53 AM


Postby Guest » 04/18/06 06:08 PM

So where do I line up for this stuff...

Postby Guest » 04/18/06 08:42 PM

And I suppose I'll need to take a second out on the house, too...

Postby Guest » 04/19/06 09:22 AM

Great-looking stuff Todd, as usual.

Postby Todd Lassen » 04/20/06 08:48 PM

Thanks for all kind words and positive response I have received.

Shane, the ivory is the best grade of alternative ivory I could find. It machines very nice and can be threaded, etc. It also has a grain and looks very realistic. I haven't fooled around with the tagua nuts, although I have seen some really nice stuff made from them. Their shape makes it difficult to machine this sort of stuff out of them.

As you may guess, I have to use any free time I might deem myself to make this stuff right now. I am loaded with coin stuff, so this is basically an escape for me...ha, and it's alot of fun. Another thing though, I have spent well over a grand on materials and now have a great stockpile, so I WILL be making stuff for sale.

I'd like to make some small runs of different designs and possibly even take some of these to conventions this year, as it is stuff that people will want to check out and get their hands on. I just haven't been able to justify taking coins to conventions, as I already have too much work, so maybe this should give me a good excuse to hang out a bit again. I haven't taken a real vacation or gone to a convention in over a year.

I thought too, that possibly while I'm still in the 'having fun' stage, I might take some of the real unique stuff and try it on Ebay and see how that goes. Cheers.
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Postby George Olson » 07/04/06 09:32 AM


Are any of these prototypes available to the discerning plebeians' populating this community?

Inquiring minds need to know!

All I can say is "wow!" How beautiful they are is an understatement.

Dollar size?

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Postby Guest » 07/04/06 10:51 PM

Todd- Long time ,no speak.
Beautiful work from a true artist.
Always a good thing to be in the fun stage.
Damon Webster

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