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Postby Guest » 01/30/05 04:40 PM

Just thought you'd all like to have a preveiw of
a few things that will be on Cogitations in the
next few weeks:

A devastating shuffle and cut sequence from Andrew Wimhurst!

Essays from Darwin Ortiz!

Ron Bauer's Two Card Turnover Technique!

And even a few surprises from Guest Contributors!

Steven Youell

P.S. I LOVE Exclamation Points!

Postby Pepka » 01/30/05 04:44 PM

Sounds great Steve. I have to commend you on the killer job with the magazine, and also the great customer service. I was having problems logging into the site and told him to call me if he wanted to work it out realtime. 3 minutes later, the phone rang and we had the problem solved. Now if only the cable company and others worked 1/10th that fast.
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