"Completely Zapped"

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Postby Guest » 10/12/04 01:47 PM

I saw an effect at the Magic Apple on Saturday.It was the "Zapped" trick from Shade, but the cards were handed out for examination. I was told they are thinking about releasing it. It was pretty visual and the women that was the spectator was impressed and wanted one for her son. I was told it can be done with a borrowed deck. Anyone else happen to see it? I would like to see it again.

Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 10/12/04 01:56 PM

Does Paul Wilson know about this? He developed an examinable version of this effect during the production of Shade, which he's shown at some lectures he's given. I wonder if this is the same...

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Postby Guest » 10/13/04 11:23 AM

It is in it's "test" mode right now but it TRULY is a very visual effect! We are putting in on a CD-ROM for better-to-understand instructions and it will be released SOON! I hope Mr. Wilson's is effect is different, if Completely Zapped and Mr. Wilson's trick are the same, then I will not release it. I have only seen the one from "Shade" and as far as I know, those cards can not be handed out but COMPLETELY ZAPPED is examinable.
There are about 4 routines that are included with it!

Postby Guest » 10/13/04 11:53 AM

The version that Paul sells and the version in the opening sequence of Shade are completely different.

With Paul's, the cards are shown, the thumb run across them to affect the change and then handed straight to the spectator. Simple as that. My advice to you would be to get in touch with Paul yourself and discuss it.

Best wishes


Postby Guest » 10/13/04 06:04 PM

I have talked to Paul and I am going to hold off on releasing this trick for the time being. It sounds as if we have the same idea and it is just pure coinsidence that the tricks are ready for release around the same time!

Postby Guest » 10/13/04 06:23 PM

Originally posted by TheMagicApple:
I have talked to Paul and ...
Best to you and Paul.

So much better for all when lines of communication are open.

Postby Charlie Chang » 10/14/04 12:06 AM

I spoke to Brent at the Magic Apple today and he was very reasonable. He has agreed not to release this.

"Fan-2-C" was first sold at FISM in Holland and has been available from me personally at lectures and conventions ever since. The product being considered by The Magic Apple was exactly the same idea. Re-invention happens - |'m glad the Magic Apple agreed not to continue with it.

I plan to release "Fan-2-C" in two ways. The first will happen through my website very soon. A fully distributed version has been in the works for some time and will include a couple of extra features (imagine making the change in the SPECTATOR'S hand).

Fan-2-C is a powerful utility and has many applications. It can be set in front of your audience or even be sitting on the table waiting to be used.

Anyone who has used Bob Koch's original Zapped knows how strong the effect is - but people really want to examine those cards afterwards! Now you can throw down the cards wihout a care...you're clean!


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Postby Guest » 10/14/04 01:53 AM

Seems impossible.
I want one!
Very glad all worked out well on this issue.

Not such happy endings elsewhere, I'm afraid.

Too much Penguinitis going around.

Postby Guest » 10/14/04 05:45 AM

Good afternoon,

I hope this finds you well.

Ive wanted a different method for the zapped change for a LONG time.

IMHO, it is the natural answer to making the end of an ace assembly into a major league dramatic moment.

In this case.. the fan of cards that was under the spectator hand changes. :D

Let me know when your method becomes available.

Best to you,


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Postby Guest » 10/14/04 06:00 AM

Paul, why the early release via the website when an expanded release will be separate? Wouldn't it make more sense to offer a complete release of ideas if that is what you are working on regardless of the demand of the community. I for one would love to get the total package. And speaking of total package, is this separate release something that is also going to be web based or a product distributed to dealers complete with cards etc.? Thanks in advance.

Postby Charlie Chang » 10/14/04 07:57 AM

In response to some of the questions I have received: FAN-2-C is a simple way to perform the effect known as "Zapped". It can look EXACTLY like zapped - it can be done in your hands or the spectator's. it can be done on the table. I have ways to do it with one hand - with cover and without. It can be used openly and secretly. It can be used in many types of effects and can be carried with you at ALL times. It may also be added to almost any USPCC deck! Put simply - it's practical.

I am currently reviewing the instructions - making a list of illustrations and deciding on the over-all look.

To answer David's question - the internet release will be a booklet only - it will include instructions on making the gaff (don't worry - it's relatively simple when you have the details) plus a break down of all the ideas I am ready to share with it.

The idea of this booklet is based on the saying "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day - teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime". Being able to make this gaff (and it's variations) allows you to be creative and develop your own applications. With very little effort you can go out and get everything you need and make it yourself!

The release to the stores will include the booklet, a sample gaff and an extra element I am making with Joe Porper - this raises the price but opens other avenues. A home made version of this is described in the booklet - Joe and I are simply developing a way to make the bits for a larger market.

This has been a very busy year and I haven't had time to get this out until now. Once the booklet is ready I will publish it online for my website customers. I am talking to someone about assembling the gaffs for a store-bought version.

People want to do this trick - they want to hand out the cards - and I want to share it - the problem has been one of time. I will try and have this ready soon.

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Postby Guest » 10/14/04 11:14 AM

I'm very happy that we DID get this out in the open and I hope to continue to create good rapport with both local and long distance magicians. I am very excited to see the final FAN-2-C product!

Nice talking to you Paul, hope to chat again soon!

thanx Richard

Postby Richard Kaufman » 10/14/04 01:06 PM

I think you mean "rapport."
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Postby Guest » 10/14/04 03:21 PM

Originally posted by R P Wilson:
and an extra element I am making with Joe Porper - this raises the price
No kidding ;)

Postby Charlie Chang » 10/27/04 04:25 PM

My version is now available - it is called "Fan-2-C" and is available from my site - www.rpaulwilson.com


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Postby Guest » 10/28/04 03:04 AM

You know what? :)
Don't wait and get it! :whack:
It's really practical, and not too difficult for the average cardman.
This is really really great!
Paul, you did a great job! (excellent description and great fotos)

(ps: i was not paid by Paul for the above message ;) )

Postby Guest » 11/30/04 11:23 PM

Hey I got fan 2 c and it is so cool thanks paul and i highly recomend it to every one thanks again.

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