What was *your* lucky night?

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Postby mrgoat » 11/29/04 03:30 PM

Today I was doing a gig. I close with ambitious card. The presentation I use is one where climax, as it were, is in their hands. The selected card is on the top, duplicate in the middle, all in their hands. They then make the card come to the top and to group goes wild. Usually.

Tonight, I did it, wa hey, and I turned away for a second and the speccy had started shuffling the deck. The group laughed. I panicked knowing I didn't have an out. I took the deck thinking I would scan the deck, cull the card, and stick it in my mouth of wallet, or something.

Oh no.

As I take the deck back in a second I see she has, by utter chance, shuffled the selection to the bottom.

I say hang on, hand her back the deck say tap the deck really hard, and see if you can'
t make it go the to bottom for a change. SHe taps, turns the deck, the groud go wild.

I say and no-one is more surprised about the ending than me.


So, what other lucky breaks have you had? Ever done The Trick That Cannot Be Explained and have it as the top card of the deck? (I once had that on the bottom of the deck too come to think of it)

What was your lucky night?
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Postby Bill Wheeler » 11/29/04 03:50 PM

One of my better lucky breaks was performing "Look Homeward, Angel" in one of the Vernon Chronicle books (spectator names a number btw 10-20, (for example 15) card at that location is removed and placed on the bottom of the deck...moments later it has returned to its location (in my example 15 cards down).

The spectator had called out a number, and when I counted down, I saw that the card they stopped at was accidentally reversed...it turned out it was their signed selection from a previous trick. Not sure how it ended up reversed, but I quit while I was ahead. :D
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Postby Pete Biro » 11/29/04 03:55 PM

Some time back, I was into using Daub... a gal was showing off her engagement ring and I loaded up her fingertips.

Shortly after I was asked to do some magic. I had her put her finger on ANY CARD... (daub loaded) and then had someone else take deck and shuffle. And another person shuffle, and another.

When I got the deck back... you guessed it... the card was ON TOP.

ANOTHER TIME... I had finished some card stuff in a hotel room waiting for the boss of the group I was working for. I finished, stopped and was toying with the deck and palmed off the four aces... and just sat back with the deck on the bed.

Boss walked in, saw deck and grabbed 'em and started to shuffle... he shuffled several times, put the deck down and said... you guessed it, "OK Biro, NOW find the aces."

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Postby Guest » 11/30/04 01:26 AM

Just goes to show that we often "make" our own "luck".

The more I practise, the luckier I get. (Anybody recognise the quote?)


Postby Guest » 11/30/04 04:23 AM

Last year's New Year's Eve, I was performing at a party, and the set I was doing ended with Nelson's "Between Your Points of Departure" with a "running selection". But when the (free) selection was made, it ended up matching the card pinned to the back of my lapel (for a different set). Of course, that's where their card reappeared after the ByPoD vanish.

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Postby Guest » 11/30/04 07:42 AM

I was doing closeup in a restaurant in San Francisco when Jack McMillen surprised me with a visit. He stood quietly watching as I worked for a raucous table. Everyone seemed to be having fun, with one exception. A fellow with a bit too much under his belt decided that he wanted to shuffle the cards. And while he was at it he thought he'd take one, put it in his pocket, and demand that "If you're so good, tell me what card is in my pocket!" Thank God for McMillen! He'd seen the card over the guy's shoulder. Ran thru his deck, flashed me the duplicate, and the rest is history! Oh, by the way, the loudmouth wanted to bet a hundred that I couldn't do it. I was polite, warned him he would lose, tried not to bet, etc. He baited me, claimed I was afraid, etc., and generally embarrassed himself. Finally, I reluctantly (yeah, right!) accepted the bet, named his card, and took his hundred! I bought the table a round, tipped the waitress heavily, and bought Jack dinner later. It was a good night...

Best, PSC

Postby Guest » 11/30/04 08:57 AM

Originally posted by Dave Le Fevre:
Just goes to show that we often "make" our own "luck".

The more I practise, the luckier I get. (Anybody recognise the quote?)

"Chance favors the prepared mind."

-Louis Pasteur
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Postby Guest » 11/30/04 11:09 AM

I was in my office and a fellow came in and wanted to see a trick. I was reading something so I pulled the cards out of the box and handed them to him to shuffle. I then told him to name a card, he said four of clubs, and I asked him to take it out of the deck. He looked, no four of clubs. I knew it was a full deck so I took a shot and told him to look in the box, there it was, the four of clubs. I played it off and when ever I see him he brings it up but I refuse to do it again!

Being a nice guy I saw a magician at a fair doing the biting a quarter trick and some folks told him to try one of their quarters. I had one of the required quarters in my pocket so I made eye contact and said "try this one" and put it in his hand, he felt what it was and did the trick with a look of defiance at the spectators and amazed them. I took back my quarter, switched in a reg. one and showed it to the other specs so they could see it was a real quarter. I left and never got to speak to the magician but I'm sure it made his day.
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Postby Jim Morton » 11/30/04 12:48 PM

I was working a trade show last year, and I had the spectator shuffle the cards, then separate the deck into three piles and look at a card, then shuffle the whole mess together (at this point, I knew which card he had chosen). I started to say, "You shuffled the cards, I haven't even touched them until now..." As I was turning the cards over, I noticed that the chosen card was on the bottom. Without missing a beat, I said, "...and yet, your card is now on the bottom of the deck!" He looked completely flummoxed. He said his brother also "did" magic, and he was going to ask him about it. I can only wonder what the brother told him.

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