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Postby Guest » 02/03/02 09:47 AM

Hello all, I am going to attempt to study Erdnase, of course I have learned stuff from it but I want to STUDY the book. I was thinking of studying one item each day and two items on weekend days. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Noah Levine

Postby Guest » 02/03/02 11:25 AM

Hi Noah,

Get a cheap copy of "The Expert at the Card Table" (Dover, $8.00) for use of your own hand written notes; and get "Revelations" (Out of print, $40- maybe?). This book is Dai Vernon's STUDY of "The Expert at the card Table" with Dai's own notes in the margins. (Recommended.)

Postby Guest » 02/03/02 11:44 AM

Personally, I would recommend "The Annotated Erdnase" by Darwin Ortiz. Darwin did an incredible job putting this book together and half of the fun would be to try and locate other sources he sites in his annotations. I read bits and pieces from this book at least once a week.

Postby Guest » 02/04/02 11:41 AM

I agree that The Annotated Erdnase is the way to go. But you should also get the cheap paperback version to make your own notes. If you really want to STUDY this do it yourself and then get the Ortiz book.


Postby CHRIS » 02/04/02 12:43 PM

Just to complete the available editions of Erdnase, it is also available as ebook from
ebook: The Expert at the Card Table

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Postby Guest » 02/04/02 01:53 PM

Chris, do you just spend your whole day advertising on different magic boards? I am getting tired of seeing you advertise your e-books every time somebody mentions a magic book. The Genii Forum, Magic Talk and The Magic Cafe are not your personal advertising boards. Go preserve a book or something.

Mike Pisciotta

Postby Guest » 02/04/02 04:25 PM

thanks for the tips guys. what I have been planning on doing is studying erdnase, then buying one of the annotated books, studying that then getting the other annotated book. you know right as I read the post made by chris I was thinking the same thing as mike. chris I think it is wonderful what you are doing with available technology and I look forward to seeing what you have said about a card college disk but it would be nice if you could post occasionally and not mention your ebooks. Just thoughts.

Noah Levine

Postby CHRIS » 02/04/02 08:12 PM

All I am providing is information. Other books are mentioned as well repeatedly and they are way more advertised and known than my ebook publishing efforts. In all fairness, why should I then be silent?

You can go back and check my posts. Almost all are responses in context. They are not ads. I am typically not mentioning how much it costs or any of the usual hype language magic ads use these days. I received several emails in the past thanking me for the tip. Only few know about what is offering and the bargains one can get.

And ultimately complain to the forum owner. As far as I can tell at Magic Talk, Magic Cafe and here my posts are not removed. So I assume they are a welcome source of information.

How much have you done in the past to preserve magics knowledge and make it widely available? Have a nice day.

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Postby Pete Biro » 02/04/02 09:32 PM

Someone help me here... there was a book, I THINK titled something like "Mr. Smith's Sleight of Hand" -- anyway, when Alex Elmsley began in magic someone suggested this book. So, Alex got the book and learned EVERYTHING in it! (I am just not sure of the title).
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Postby Sean Piper » 02/04/02 10:13 PM


Get on over to The Learned Pig website. Here you can download 'Expert at the Card Table' for FREE.

What I would do is print out, maybe one chapter at a time and simply absorb it. Make notes and scribbles as you go. Once you've learned everything in that chapter forwards and backwards, go onto the next.

Just a thought...
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Postby James Foster » 02/05/02 07:38 AM

In response to Pete's inquiry regarding the book Elmsley may have studied, the title is:

Mr. Smith's Guide To Sleight Of Hand: A Course Of Instruction.

The author was Wilfrid Jonson.

It is my belief that the thoughtful, focused study of a single (good) text is a more fruitful path for improvement and growth in magic than the eager scanning of every new and old title that hits the racks. However, even with this understanding, I often have many books and magazines scattered next to the bed, in the living room, at work, and in the study. Oh well, the best laid plans...

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