Combining Knock-out/TTT DL push off with Hit DL book-style turnover

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Postby Guest » 04/19/06 02:52 PM

Hi all - apologies for the obscure subject title.

I was messing around with Double Lift techniques recently and accidentaly combined the thumb push-off technique used in the Bauer TTT/Nash Knock-out lifts with the book-style turnover used in a Hit Double Lift. In other words instead of turning the cards over end-on-end as in the TTT or stud-style as in the Knock-out, you flip them over like turning the page of a book as per the Hit (you pinch the cards at the right outer corner between the right index finger and second finger to ensure perfect alignment).

The combination seems an obvious one - I'm sure I can't be the first to do it by a long stretch - and it looks pretty nice in action. Yet I can't find it written up anywhere.

Does anyone know anywhere where it's written up - or (if you already do it yourself) have any tips on the technique? I fear I'm about to put significant practice time into a technique others have looked at and discarded for some reason!



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