IBM & SAM Contest Winners?

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Postby Guest » 07/07/02 03:23 PM

Does anyone have an early report on who won the contests at the IBM and SAM conventions?

Postby Brian Marks » 07/07/02 06:05 PM

Bob Torkova won the silver meda in the stage competition at SAM

Oscar Munoz won the close up contest. I forgot who won the peoples choice award.
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Postby Guest » 07/08/02 12:35 PM

Brian Oshab (spelling?) won the people's choice and 1st place in the Close up at IBM. No gold cups winner. As for stage, a girl from Japan won the Gold Medal.

Postby Rene Clement » 07/08/02 02:59 PM

SAM People's Choice Award for close-up went to John George.

People's choice award for stage went to an incredible young Korean man, Eun Gyel Lee. He came in second in the judge's balloting and also won the SAM sponsorship to the next FISM. I particularly liked the Japanese girl who went on last, Mikiko Uetani. Very pretty, elegant act. She did two outfit changes the last of which was completely unexpected. Also she performed a beautiful zombie rose using a small shear silk.

Also, I am glad that Bravo Nakaya received a recognition award. He was truly funny!! His hand coming out of his chest and changing his wife into that "tiger" were hysterical!
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Postby Joe M. Turner » 07/08/02 03:48 PM

IBM Senior Close Up
1 - Brian Ochab (People's Choice/Obie Award); no gold cups
2 - Rod Chow

IBM Junior Close-Up
1 - Danny Hill
2 - Chase Curtis

IBM Senior Stage
1 - Keiko Muto (awarded the IBM Gold Medal)
2 - Derek Selinger (People's Choice)

I can't remember the junior stage winners' names, although I do recall that the first place winner was a young Japanese man with a great act themed around a pool table (cue sticks, balls, etc.).

The outcome of the stage competition did generate a good bit of hubbub among the convention attendees, especially concerning the awarding of the gold medal. However, that was the decision of the judges and so it goes.

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