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Postby Guest » 12/26/01 05:57 PM

Just started praticing NFW. Is there any better way of doing the adhesive? The supplied method lost tackiness quickly ( within the first 10 minutes.) Any help is appreciated.

Postby Bob Farmer » 01/17/02 10:26 AM

Letraset and other graphics suppliers make three kinds of double-sided tape: high tack/high tack, high tack/low tack and low tack/low tack.

It's more expensive than regular tape because it's used in graphic design, not for wrapping presents.

If you check at an art supply store they'll be able to supply this stuff. Probabnly uou want the high tack/low tack. The high tack side won't move, but cards can be attached and replaced to the low tack side.

Of course, if you'd like a really good packet trick that doesn't use adhesive, buy MUTANZ.
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Postby Guest » 01/17/02 10:36 AM

Thanks, BTW where can I find MUTANZ?

NH :)

Postby Guest » 01/17/02 01:33 PM


From Bob's parole officer.

(And when you find 'em let 'em know I have a package waiting for 'em... Thanks!)

Postby Guest » 01/17/02 01:55 PM

???? :confused:

Postby Matt Sedlak » 01/17/02 05:05 PM

Ive seen the ad in MAGIC and Genii magazines ande thought it was a joke. Is it really a marketed item and if so what is the effect?
Matt Sedlak
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Postby Bob Farmer » 01/17/02 05:20 PM

No, it's not a joke, but an actual trick. Here's the description from Hank Lee's Hot List (

A bizarre new packet trick from Bob Farmer and Roy Walton - Mutanz!

Bob says it's inexplicable, unexplainable, enigmatic and just plain weird! A cascade of alchemical conundrums! A phantasmagoric orgy of cabalistic conjuration! A bewildering bafflement of uncanny dimensionality! Strange and supernatural forces twist and possess ordinary cards until they become grotesque mutants in the hands of the spectator!

But, that's just Bob talking.

I will tell you that Mutanz is one of the cleanest, most amazing, packet tricks I have ever seen. Four cards magically turn face up and face down in a manner so convincing and deceptive, it looks like trick photography. Your eyes will pop! But that's just a buildup to one of the most astonishing and surprising card vanishes of all time -- and it happens right in the spectator's hands.

They'll scream.

And it's really quite easy to do. No angles. Everything examinable. Resets instantly. What more could you ask for? Comes complete with special Bicycle Poker Size Cards and full instructions. (30.829)
Bob Farmer
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Postby Matt Sedlak » 01/17/02 05:37 PM

Thanks. Sounds nice. Ill check it out next time I am at a magic shop.
Matt Sedlak
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Postby Guest » 01/17/02 06:37 PM

Twixter, by Jason Alford, published in the Feb. '99 issue of MAGIC magazine, is a superior trick with the same, or better plot, as NFW.

There is a spray chemical available at the hobby store which is vastly superior to tape. You can toss two cards around as one, yet seperate them as easily as rough and smooth.

I'm not going to reveal what it is, because I don't want pimply-faced idiots at the magic club trying to do my miracles.

The best packet tricks don't use any muffaletta. Reference Bro. John's Twins and Darwin Ortiz' Jumpin' Gemini.

I'll splooge fifteen clams on Farmer's Mutanz when I read some reviews. I collect these things, and the money is not important, but I've become tired of enriching the coffers of people who write clever ads. Remember Mojo Boogie Boxes? A classic, NOT.

Postby Guest » 01/17/02 06:47 PM

Twixter? Sounds interesting would you mind emailing me the details? I would be forever grateful.


Postby Geno Munari » 01/17/02 07:34 PM

I am also interested in the details. I have also found a tack but it smeers.

Geno Munari
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Postby Matt Sedlak » 01/17/02 07:44 PM

Pimply-faced idiots at the magic club? LOL Unfortunatly it is quite true in many cases. Wild Magic of England I believe sells something called Roughing Stick which does the same thing as the spray you mentioned, however it only needs to be applied to the corners. As far as there being far better packet tricks, this is true. However, Bro. John Hamman's Gemini Twins? I agree with Jumping Gemini as it is one of the effects I do for friends. However, Hamman had many other packet tricks that were much better then Twins.
Matt Sedlak
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Postby Bob Farmer » 01/17/02 08:16 PM

Knowing who the anonymous Crimper is, we might respect his opinions, consider his suggestions and weigh his judgements, no matter how they might differ from our own.

But he (or maybe she) continues to cower in the shadows. Why? Perhaps the Crimper realizes that if identified, his opinions, suggestions and judgements would be justifiably ignored.
Bob Farmer
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 01/17/02 11:17 PM

Whether Crimper considers "Mojo Boogie Boxes" a classic or not ignores the simple point that you received THREE Okito Boxes for only a few bucks!
I will take Mr. Farmer's mediocre tricks any day over most of what passes for magic.
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Postby Guest » 01/17/02 11:57 PM

I'll tag-team with the MUTANZ any day and put the Mojo Boogie Box on Crimper's ass as fast as you can yell "FARRRRR-MERRRRR!!!"

Postby Guest » 01/18/02 02:16 AM

Lip balm works wonders in a pinch. The cards stick until you want them unstuck.

Postby Bob Farmer » 01/18/02 05:18 AM

Not everyone agrees with Crimper. Here are some unsolicited reviews of MUTANZ and MOJO BOOGIE BOXES.

If you are interested in fooling--REALLY fooling-- Fast-Company men, well-posted, blase cardmen, Twist fanatics, smarty-pants lay people, laid-off rocket scientists, mathematicians with and without "beautiful minds," "undergrounders" (who haven't seen the sun since 1962), grumps who want to put Jeff Busby's brain in a jar, and card cheats on the run...then buy, borrow, or steal BOB FARMER's version of Roy Walton's CASCADE...
In fact, it is MORE than a "version;" it has drifted into another realm...

BTW, I was even fooled by Bob's explanation of this trick when he graciously "tipped" it over the phone many months ago...

Although he has not said so, he is also the only guy who contacted Roy Walton and asked for permission to do anything with this effect. Bob is a standup guy.
--Jon Racherbaumer

Bob Farmer's MUTANZ scared the hell out of me. That's how good it is. Klaatu Barada Nicto."
--Matthew Field

M.D. A blast to play with I have been having so much fun I cant believe that after so much use they still look shiny and new.

R.R. This is the best working set of (coin boxes) I've ever worked with . Most of the inexpensive ones are cheap. And the expensive ones are usually far too heavy for good working. (Your boxes) are beautifully done, just the right weight and a lovely prop. And the routine is as good as the boxes. (Its) a classic, down to professional quality patter.

D.S. A real nice piece of work great ideas and routines to boot. I was fascinated by the workmanship and was quite impressed with the in depth instructions. am really pleased .

J.L. What a routine! (Spectators) dont have a snowballs chance in an oven of figuring it out.

Ring 2100 query Can someone tell me the skill level you need to perform Mojo Boogie Boxes?

Reply From Lary Crews, line magician with Jay Lenos Tonight Show You need to be able to move your hands from side to side and speak intelligently and breathe through your nose. Seriously, the moves in this routine are extremely easy but the effect is terrific. I love it recommend it (and use it) in my restaurant and private party work.

(The) instructions are the best I have ever seen for a magical effect. Good, straightforward and funny as the dickens.

R.D. Way cool Diabolically clever The routining is brilliant dead easy to execute virtually no sleights The boxes do the work for you I love it.

D.H. The routine alone is worth the money.
Bob Farmer
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Postby Guest » 01/18/02 03:09 PM

Steve wrote(From Bob's parole officer.)

Dawn shines on marble head, as I receive this months issue of Genii.


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