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Postby Tommy » 11/18/05 09:39 AM

Hi guys I am known as Tommy at the Magic Cafe and I gave this idea over there. Anyway I thought you might like this. You can see more details over on the secret sessions there.
This is the rough idea:

Use the Punch or Fortes craft knife idea from Phantoms at the Card Table to make a One Way Deck. The work being put in to one end only.
You then can do or might be able to do blindfolded one way deck card tricks.


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Postby Bob Farmer » 11/18/05 10:42 AM

This is a rather common idea. In the sixties I suggested doing this and using an inkless ballpoint pen as the instrument to make the bump. Use a few old cards as a soft surface to work on.
Bob Farmer
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Postby Tommy » 11/18/05 11:00 AM

Sorry Bob I did not know. I have not read anywhere of anyone using the punch to make a "One Way Deck" did you publish it. I know that the punch is as old as the hills of course. Well at least as old as Walter Scott.

Here is a trick you might do with it:
In effect:

(1) Magician is truly blindfolded.
(2) A full deck is shuffled and cut by the spectator.
(3) The deck is handed back to magician who fans the cards.
(4) The spectator takes a card and remembers it.
(5) The deck is spread on the table face down.
(6) The spectator replaces the card anywhere and the spectator, shuffles and cuts again.
(7) The deck is handed back to the magician, who deals the cards until he stops at one which is the spectators card.
(8) The blindfold is then removed.

I use the Forte Atifice but you might as easily use the Punch.
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