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Postby Guest » 04/12/03 07:28 AM

Hi Folks

A while ago, more than 12 years ago, someone showed me an effect (actually - it was a move - but they didn't tip how it worked) that I remember as the following:

A three-card sandwich, with the two 'outside' cards backs-towards the audience and the center card was face-towards the audience. As I recall, the cards were held in the same manner as they would be if just retrieved from a back-palm.

With a shake of the wrist, the center card changed. That's it.

I *seem* to recall that the guy said it was something like 'Fandango' (but that could be a complete fabrication on my part).

Does anyone know what I'm talking about - and, if so, where it is published?

I *don't* think it was based on a 'Asher-twist' type manouevre. Perhaps if two of the cards were turned over together, you would get the effect of a 'change'. However, as I recall, it was one handed, very smooth, and there was no 'talking' of the cards.

It could have been 'a la' Hollingworth's "Waving the Aces" - but this was *at least* 12 years ago. I know that for certain, as I was still living at home - and that was more than 12 years ago!

Any one know (vaguely) what I'm talking about?

Thanks very much in advance


p.s. On a completely different topic, I was reading through all the Craig Browning stuff - and the term 'Shut-Eye' community kept being used. What's the 'Shut-Eye Community'?

Postby Jim Maloney_dup1 » 04/12/03 07:51 AM

Fandango is the creation of Ben Harris. I don't think it's still available, but send an e-mail to Ben and ask. His website is www.wowbound.com.

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Postby Guest » 04/12/03 07:59 AM

It's fully described in Ben Harris's booklet Mad Fax and other mysteries. It's not listed in the index, but it's included in the first effect in the booklet.

And this thread reminds me that I should read that booklet again - it's full of clever ideas.


Postby Guest » 04/12/03 08:34 AM

Thanks guys.

So - it's a gimmicked effect, or just a sleight?


Postby Frank Yuen » 04/12/03 10:53 AM

It's just a sleight. It's also on his World Tour video if you can find one.

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