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Postby Guest » 03/13/07 11:16 AM

Just thought I'd let you folks on the Genii forum know about an effect I developed called "The Scent of Darkness".
It is based on an old fakir's trick, but with my own personal twist. With the strange looking bottle and the included routine, you force an audience member from a small group to select themselves. They are the only ones who can smell the "Scent of Darkness".
Ordinary water changes it's scent from flowers to vanilla to oranges to...Something awful! Completely under your control.
Take a look at it here...

Some call it a bizarrist effect, some mentalist, some just call it spooky.
It is easy to perform, takes very little initial setup, instantly resets, can be performed surrounded and is completely inspectable.
This is my first released effect, so please-
Let me know what you think!

Postby Richard Kaufman » 03/13/07 11:46 AM

Sounds interesting.

I believe I had a romantic encounter involving the scent of darkness once, but it's too painful to remember. :D
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Postby Guest » 03/13/07 11:48 AM

I think we may have dated the same girl...
But I seem to have a mental block as well.
This trick is much more pleasant than that awful October day...

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