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Postby Guest » 10/27/07 01:22 PM

Recently I saw a kid performer doing this trick.
he showed 2 jumbo cards, a king and a queen and while he turned them the king became a queen and viceversa. the cards were obviously gimmicked ( but very well, I was in the first row and couldn't see anything).
the trick seems obvious but I can assure you that the reactions of the kids to these changes were incredible.
does anyone know the name of this trick?
thanks in advance/Fabio

Postby Guest » 10/28/07 02:21 AM

I think this is the trick you search for. ... sp?id=1385

"Giant Monte" is one of Ton Onosaka's best seller item.
If you watched Goldfinger and Dove's act that use this cards,you'll know the reason.
(By the way,If you don't know this dynamic Duo,you must-see
their act.

Or another version also here. ... sp?id=8107
Gimmeck is almost same.

I hope these info help you.


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