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The November issue of Soapbox Derby is available at FEENX.NET for only $2.99.

The November issue (Chapter 10) includes:
  • "A Pocket Packet Miracle" -- Progressive mind-reading or drawing duplication with business cards. Your tabled predictions match the spectator's written thought or drawing!
  • "Switchout for coins or gaffed coin" -- Gregg's new method for switching coins -- similar to the switch used in his dice trick, "Making Your Point."
  • "Travelling Thru The Hand" -- 4 cards travel from one hand and pentrate the other hand to land face up one-by-one. (Can be used as an "Open Travellers" sequence.)
  • "The Cut From Hell" -- A diabolically simple utility move for cutting a deck to return it to a prearranged order.
  • "Abacus Shmabacus" -- Ideas for using an abacus in magic or mentalism.

Only $2.99! (Requires Acrobat Reader)

Visit Soapbox Derby at for this month's issue.

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