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Postby Adam Brooks » 06/14/05 08:15 PM

How many ways are there to gaff a deck of cards? A whole frickin' lot.

Suppose we just look at decks of 'just cards', e.g. no rising cards units with thread, weights, or magnets, no dwarves or lasers. In addition, no specially printed cards: no double facers/backers, double ended cards, etc.

So, decks of regular cards that have (or have not) been cut/shaved in one way or another, ones that use roughing spray or not, mixed with regular cards or not.

Pop-Eyed Popper

Make sense? Please help me out here.
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Postby Pete Biro » 06/14/05 10:15 PM

Last count I have 3,435 decks, all gaffed :)
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Postby Guest » 07/01/05 12:02 PM

Hi Adam,

maybe this list helps...

1. Regular Deck
2. Svengali Deck
3. Stripper Deck
4. Proton Deck
5. Force Deck ( One,Two,...way )
6. Marked Deck ( Wild,Lesley,Kirk )
7. Brainwave Deck
8. Invisible Deck
9. Esoteric Deck
10.Cardiologist Deck
11.Card Toon Deck ( I + II )
12.Mental Photography Deck
13.Koran 5-star deck
14.Radar Deck
15.Pop-Eyed Eye Popper
16.Delerium Tremens
17.Devano style Rising Cards Deck
18.Electric Deck
19.Cobra Deck
20.Haskell Split Deck
21.Haunted Pack
22.Short Deck
23.Narrow Deck
24.Menetekel Deck
25.Omni Deck
26.PK Deck
27.Blank Deck
28.Mirage Deck
29.The Vanishing Deck
32.The Psychomatic Deck
33.Deja vu Deck
34.Cassandra Deck
35.Mindpower Deck
36.Houdini deck.
38.Cheek to Cheek deck
39.Kaleidoscope Cards DecK
40.Rainbow Deck
41.Jay Sankey's Measles Deck
42.Dan Harlan's Fart-Toon Deck
43.Black Tiger Deck
44.John Kennedy's Mind Power Deck(now in Bicycle )
45.Fadeout Deck
46.Paul Richards' Lone Stranger Deck
47."Phil" / "Name That Card" Deck
48.Bruce Bernstein's Deck
49.Monte Christo Deck
50.David Regals Prophecy Deck
51.Bikini Deck


Postby Pete Biro » 07/01/05 03:09 PM

Stay tooned.
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Pete Biro
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Postby Guest » 07/08/05 11:31 AM

If you are excluding specially printed decks, the the likes of Cardtoon, and FAKO are exluded I guess.

And so would be the mind power deck, but not the Koran deck I believe.

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