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Postby Guest » 10/03/06 09:45 AM

The October issue of The Book That Burns in Hell is available at FEENX.NET for only $2.99.

The October issue (Chapter 9) includes:
  • "Cell Phoney" -- Gregg Webb's great bit using a "cell phone?" Use it in any card routine! Includes basic and advanced handlings.
  • "Doug Edwards Returns!" -- a trick from Doug Edwards' new book!
  • "Living & Dead Monte!" -- Gregg's new Living & Dead test -- play it spooky or use Gregg's light-hearted presentation!
  • "Monte, Monte, Monte" -- Gregg's sly approach to adding extra punch to a 3 Card Monte routine!

Only $2.99! (Requires Acrobat Reader)

Visit The Book That Burns at Feenx.net for this month's issue.

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