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Postby Thomas Van Aken » 10/28/02 05:20 AM

I recently read in a book about poker that Fournier 508 playing cards have the common design but four indexes instead of the usual two.
If sombody can confirm this, these cards could be an answer for left handed peoples who wanted to use some "right handed only technics" like peek, glimpses....
Thanks in advance
Thomas Van Aken
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Postby Guest » 10/28/02 06:01 AM

I have a Waddington's Number One deck. And it has four indices.

But I don't know if that's a characteristic of all Waddington's Number One decks.

It's Bridge size. I don't know whether it's available in Poker size.

Some people like the way that Fournier cards handle. They're different to Bikes. (The only Fournier's that I have are 505s, so I can't comment on the 508s.)

The Waddington's, incidentally, feel very much like Bikes, and have a similar finish.


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