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Discuss your favorite close-up tricks and methods.

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The August issue of The Book That Burns in Hell is available at FEENX.NET for only $2.99.

The August issue (Chapter 7) includes:
  • Gregg Webb's Bucket o' Ideas issue!
  • "Dark Scarf" -- a new idea for closeup mats.
  • New idea for the Flushtration Count
  • "Revised Punch Deal" -- new magical dealing based on Leipzig's Second Deal Poker Demo. A card is MENTALLY SELECTED by each of 5 spectators -- you perform a poker deal demo and get all 5 cards into YOUR HAND!
  • Ideas for working a room and setting up a show
  • PLUS -- More magical tips, ramblings, and opinions.

Only $2.99! (Requires Acrobat Reader)

Visit The Book That Burns at Gregg Webb\'s for this month's issue.

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