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Postby Tommy » 12/04/04 10:42 AM

Although I love card magic, I also love to watch another kind of magic, great card manipulators, like Cardni.
What sources would you recommend for learning this art.
Also who do you think are among the best card manipulators performing today.

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Sorry if I use the wrong term.
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Postby Pete Biro » 12/04/04 11:47 AM

McBride DVDs
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Pete Biro
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Postby Carlo Morpurgo » 12/04/04 02:14 PM

I believe that Silvan from Italy is (still) a better card manipulator than McBride, although
perhaps not as widely known. His style is
more classic of course, but in terms of grace of movement i find no comparison.
I am actually curious to heae someone else's opinion on Silvan's skills.

Carlo Morpurgo
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Postby Matthew Field » 12/05/04 05:20 AM

The Jeff Sheridan DVDs are first rate.

Matt Field
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Postby Tommy » 12/05/04 12:01 PM

Thanks for the advice guys.
I am not sure if I am aware of Silvan from Italy. Has he put out any teaching material Carlo? I will go now and look to see what I can find. Thanks again.

PS I now see
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Postby Edwin Corrie » 12/05/04 03:19 PM

My wife is Italian and remembers Silvan doing card manipulations on Italian TV at least 20 years ago. He still appears from time to time but doesn't do a lot of performing now.
Edwin Corrie
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Postby Paul Hayward » 12/05/04 03:30 PM

Hi Cooper,

You must check out the encyclopedia of card flourishes by Jerry Cestkowski. His work is amazing. The book really is an awesome source and seems to cover almost every flourish known to magic-kind.


Paul H
Paul Hayward
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Postby Carlo Morpurgo » 12/06/04 06:47 AM

This book does not seem to cover for example any card production routines, however....this is the first thing I associate with "card manipulation"

Carlo Morpurgo
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Postby Guest » 12/13/04 05:26 PM

McBride is good as stated...

Devo is probably the BEST out there now. Check out his website... Handlordz or Superhandz
The Cradle to Grave DVD is AWESOME, and the new Cobra Collection DVD is great also! Granted it is a one handed cut, but it has been called the HARDEST one handed cut in the WORLD!

Check them out and be sure to goto the forums...


Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/13/04 06:51 PM

Card manipulators (those who magically produce cards) are NOT the same as card "flourishers" such as De'vo and Jerry.
Two entirely different branches of handling playing cards.
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Postby Tommy » 12/16/04 06:50 PM

I was not sure what to call them, but thank you Mr Kaufman that is what I was looking for.

I also like card "flourishers" and thanks for all the tips.

This is one thing I never got into but I just love watching it.
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