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Postby Guest » 08/14/04 09:48 AM

Hello all!
Several years ago I learned my first card trick that ever fooled anyone and today I cannot seem to find it. I thought I had learned it from Royal Road but cannot seem to find it there either. Any help in locating it would be appreciated. Here's the effect:

Ask your spectator for 3 coins. Have a card selected and controlled to the bottom of the deck. You then cut the deck in 3 piles. You inform the spectator that you're going to show them a few cards and if they happen to see their card, they are to keep a poker face and tell nothing.

You then pickup the first packet with the left hand and show the bottom card. You then slide that card with your RH (as if you were going to do the "glide"). Place that card face down on the table and place one of the coins on top of it. You proceed to do the same with the 2nd packet and finally the 3rd packet.

However, when you do display the bottom card of the 3rd packet it will indeed be their card. You proceed to slide that card out with the RH and place it face down on the table but here you actually do the "glide" and remove an indifferent card. You finally place the 3rd coin on top of it.

You then control their card to the top and and ask them for a number between say 1 and 10. You run their card to the spot of whatever number they call. Finally, you tell them that you're going to deal and count down to that number which they just called and find their card. The spectator is excited because they swear their card is the 3rd card on the table with the coin resting on top.

You proceed to count down and ask them to name their card, looking puzzled and glancing at the card in your hand and the card on the table, you then show the card in your hand to be their card! Almost everyone immediately grabs for the card on the table with the coin resting on it only to discover that it's a different card.

It's a very basic and easy card trick but I remember it being the first card trick I learned and fooling the socks off my boss with it. Thanks!


Postby Guest » 08/14/04 10:00 AM

Look at "Design for Laughter" from Royal Road."

Postby DChung » 08/14/04 03:59 PM

Also look in Lorayne's Close-up Card Magic as his routine emphasizes the need for the coins, which older versions don't bother with.

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Postby Guest » 08/14/04 06:14 PM

Thank you, you're right, that is indeed the effect. I don't know how I overlooked it. I guess I was looking for the "coins" of which "Design For Laughter" does not entail. Don't know where I got the coins from.


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