"Time Machine" routine in Genii in mid-'80s

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Postby Guest » 05/14/03 08:02 PM

Does anyone remember a routine titled, I think, "Time Machine" from Genii in about '84? I've been doing it since that time because it had a couple of cool moves (a rotating-out-from-the-center double-lift and another spin of an out-jogged card, representing two cards transposing or "going back in time".)

Ron Bauer is coming out with a new routine with the same title but it's not the same trick. The irony is that I believe Ron Bauer authored the one from Genii.

His business partner, Dowdy, says the new routine is totally different.

Can anyone remember or research the author and / or history of the prior trick?

Thanks much.

Steve H

Postby Guest » 05/14/03 08:20 PM

It's a routine by Steve Freeman and is written up in the Card College, either #3 or #4. :)

Postby Guest » 05/14/03 08:24 PM


You da man...thank you.


Postby Guest » 05/15/03 03:26 AM

I learned it from Giobbi's description in volume 3 of card college. Giobbi also mentions the exact issue of Genii where the routine was originaly described.

It's one of my favorite impromptu routine.

On one of the Revelation videos, Vernon tells a funny story about the bit of pivoting of the outjogged card:
Back in the '20, he noticed that a lot of local magicians were imitating his mannerism so he start doing this gesture here and there without any reason just to see how long it will take before everybody start to do it also.

Best regards

Postby Guest » 05/15/03 01:46 PM

In Roy Walton's The Complete Walton, Vol. Two, he has an effect entitled "Back Into Time," which is identical to the routine by Steve Freeman (Genii Vol. 45, No. 7, 1981, according to Giobbi).

The finesse of rotating the card counterclockwise brillantly sells this effect. I've seen it performed for 25 to 30 people, producing literal gasps. Kudos to whomever added that idea.

--Randy Campbell

Postby Guest » 05/16/03 03:48 PM

By the way, I had trouble with the card rotation initially. Didn't take a lot to figure out the if the index finger beneath the outjogged card contacted the card near the front edge of the deck, extending the index finger during the spin would keep the card in place relatively.

Steve H

Postby CardFan » 05/16/03 07:03 PM

Dan Fleshman has a variation of this trick entitled "Malini-Freeman Twist." It can be found in THE MAGIC MENU:The First Five Years, page 130.
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Postby Guest » 05/19/03 06:30 PM

A great companion to that routine is Jay Sankey's Back in Time. I to use this (Freeman routine) quite often, and love how it deviates from a standard two card transpo. I believe the twisting flourish id Dr.Daily's


Postby Guest » 05/20/03 05:09 AM

Curious to know where Jay Sankey's "Back In Time" is located in literature? Thanks! :)

Postby Richard Kaufman » 05/20/03 07:28 AM

I think it's in "100% Sankey" but am not sure. Haven't looked at the book in ten years!
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Postby Guest » 05/20/03 09:17 AM

Giobbi credits the spinning move to Dr Daley - as published in Stars of Magic.

While checking this up I discovered I do the move completely wrongly - clockwise, and a 360 degree spin (using the right index then second finger). Whoops!

It works really well for a "hypnosis" patter - getting the spectators to look at the spinning pattern on the back of the card to send them deeper, deeper, etc.



Postby Guest » 05/20/03 11:47 AM

The application of the spin flourish to this routine in the context of "turning back time" is where my kudos were aimed; nice to know it is original to Doc Daley.

--Randy Campbell

Postby Guest » 05/21/03 09:19 AM

>>Curious to know where Jay Sankey's
>>"Back In Time" is located in literature?

Sankey's time trick (IMO: one of the best card tricks of all time) can be found on Jay's Sankeytized #1 video and/or vol#2 of the L&L Sankey vids.

It also saw print in an old set of Jay's lecture notes (not the %100 Sankey book) Now... the question is... which set of notes was/is it??? A magic kewpie doll goes to the person who answers this question (friends and family of D.M.E. excluded from this contest ;)

Doug Conn

Postby Guest » 05/21/03 11:39 AM

Now... the question is... which set of notes was/is it??? A magic kewpie doll goes to the person who answers this question (friends and family of D.M.E. excluded from this contest ;)

Doug Conn [/QB][/QUOTE]

I'll bite, though I don't have access to my library right now. Up for Adoption?

Postby Guest » 05/21/03 06:18 PM

The Very Best of Jay Sankey Volume 2, and Sankeytized 2

I remeber Reading a J.C. Wagner routine that featured a similar kicker ending in Commercial Magic of J.C. Wagner
not to stear on a tangent topic, but can anyone provide info on the ending that Sankey uses ( spectator holding selection)



Postby Guest » 05/21/03 08:46 PM

What is the idea of routining that makes Jay Sankey's routine so great? Thanks! :)

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