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Postby Guest » 11/16/01 11:17 AM

This thread is for the bizarrist's out there. I am putting together a new seance act (close up group, not stage)including a dark show portion. I am interested in your thoughts on dark shows.

I am a strong believer in "less is more" in most aspects of magic performance, but particularly in a dark show? What are your thoughts on this and any other performance or acting aspects?

What are your favorite effects (from Invocation, Seance, Swami, Spirit Theater, etc.) that work well in a dark show?

Do you have any special effects you are willing to share?

Thank you.


Postby Bill Duncan » 11/16/01 11:55 PM

Originally posted by CarlR:
Do you have any special effects you are willing to share?

There's a great little effect in The Complete Invocation that's dead simple:
A candle far away from the performer sputters and goes out at a gesture...

The method is wonderful. The small bowl-like depression around the wick of a previously lit candle will hold a drop of water. When the candle is lit the wax on the wick allows it to burn for a few seconds before the water puts it out (and is vaporised in the process)

I wonder if you could do this with the candle in a spectator's hand?
Bill Duncan
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Postby Guest » 11/18/01 09:39 AM

Bill - Thank you for your suggestion. It is a neat idea. I remember reading it, but I do not remember which issue of invocation. I am looking for a reliable way to have the main candle go out at my request after about 20 minutes to start the dark show portion of the seance. Do you know of any?

My current thinking is to have each spectator hold a lit candle when they enter the seance. The candles are all set to go out after about 10 minutes using a slightly different method than you suggested. This leaves only one center candle remaining lit until I am ready to start the dark show ( if you want I will share by e-mail the method I created for the delayed extinguishment; it is simple, but you do not have control of the exact time when the candle will go out). The patter to accompany the candles going out relates to the spectators faith. I suggest that each person must have faith in the process before their candle will go out; thus there is no necessity for candle to go out on my command. Rather each spectator is lead to think that their subconsious thoughts will cause it to happen. This is a very incidental effect occuring randomly in the beginning to assist in setting the mood.

Any other thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you.


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