Riffling the Aces

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Postby Guest » 10/11/05 11:21 PM

A while back, I experimented with "finding " the ases out of an Aronson stacked deck using the procedure Herb Zarrow calls "Skimming Using The Z," on his video.

I found that it was an interesting display, more or less along the lines of Marlo's Miracle Aces, no breaks, no crimep, the aces not on the top, et cetera, but it was tricky to reset the stack after doing it.

Recently I saw procedure, invented by Steve Forte, and demonstrated by Sal Piacente which Sal calls Rollover Aces. (At no time in this trick do the cards roll over, but the final display looks like the final display in the Dingle trick.)

This procedure allows you to produce the aces in small chunks of cards pulled out of the center of the deck, and keep the entire deck in order. Sal uses it to produce four royal flushes, but it can easily be used to produce the 6th, 10th, et cetera cards of a stack.

I like it, but I realize this sort of riffling amusement is something of an acquired taste.
"For those who like this sort of thing, this is the sort of thing they like. "

The skimming procedure works well too, if all you do is set up the aces at every fourh or fifth card, and you don't have a stack to worry about.

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