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Postby Guest » 12/27/01 09:32 AM


The black gold, half-dollar size, 'Chinese' coins available from most dealers have one bevelled edge and one square (un-bevelled) edge. Anyone know why please? Am I missing some sudbtle significance to this? I've recently acquired such coins to work into my coin routines, and while handling them to get their 'feel' I thought mmmm .... when I discovered the bevel issue.

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Graham Nichols.

Postby Guest » 12/30/01 07:46 AM

If they are stamped the bevel is caused by the natural rolling of the material as the die shears the stock. If they are molded then the beval or radius is there to aid tin the release of the coin from the mold. They can easly be turned to have sharp edges. In the event you do not have a machine shop handy insert a screw through the center hole and tighten a nut to it. Now chuck this into a drill press and with a file or sanding block you ca square th edges.


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