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Postby Guest » 01/29/05 02:08 PM

Recently in Steven Youell's excellent magazine Cogitations, Andrew Wimhurst published a great twist on the Diagonal Palm Shift, which peaked my interest in the move. Although I've studied Erdnase, I'd also like to find some other references for work on the DPS. Any help would be appreciated.

Postby Joe Hanosek » 01/29/05 03:39 PM

Check out Carney on Palming as well as Revelations
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Postby Richard Hatch » 01/29/05 07:16 PM

John Luka's L.I.N.T. ("Luka in New Tops) has a chapter on Steven Youell's mentor Paul Chosse's work on this sleight.
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Postby Matthew Field » 01/30/05 04:24 AM

This is first rate stuff from Andrew.

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Postby Guest » 01/30/05 12:00 PM

"The Annotated Erdnase", by Darwin Ortiz, is excellent. Vernon makes some recommendations in "Revelations", the Third Edition of "Expert Card Technique" has related material, Vernon's "Chronicles" has the Finley variation, LePaul offers his take in "The Card Magic of LePaul", Busby discusses it in "The Man Who was Erdnase", Roger Klause has a technique in his book, "In Concert", and I believe Mike Close has some work on it as well as the aforementioned material by John Carney. I'm sure there are many other articles I'm forgetting right now, but these are the ones that come to mind immediately. Still, the best source, and all you need to do this properly, is the description in the original book, "The Expert at the Card Table"! Thanks, Erdnase...

Best, PSC

P.S. I have posted some thoughts on the DPS on that "other message board" - you might want to take a look...

Postby AMCabral » 01/30/05 09:22 PM

You forgot the side-steal chapter of Marlo's Revolutionary Card Technique. And Derek Dingle's sort of-kind of version in the "Complete Works" book.

The problem with most versions of the move is that they get away from the niftiest part of it, namely the right thumb at the back. See the Dingle and LePaul write-ups for the kind of thing I'm talking about.

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Postby Guest » 01/31/05 03:56 AM

Don't forget to check out Michael Vincent's excellent thoughts on, and demonstration of, the DPS in Roger Crossthwaite's Inner Sanctum videos (Vols 2 & 5)

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