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Postby Guest » 10/19/07 09:13 PM

I happened to see that Mr. Andrew Galloway was at the Forum briefly yesterday.

I HAD to take the chance he might see this, to rave about his slim, concise, and legendary card book: "Diverting Card Magic"; one of THE most under-rated card books of all-time.

Michael Weber insisted I buy it in 1982. For an high school punk it seemed a bit steep, but I bought it.

I can't tell you how many times since then I have slayed audiences with your "Bluff Colour Changing Pack", and how thoroughly your straight-forward approach has informed my magic for 25 years.

So great.
Thank you, Maestro.

--David A. Cox, California

Postby Matthew Field » 10/20/07 04:01 AM

Dave -- How great that you posted this.

Andy Galloway is an amazing man. It has been my privelege to get to know him a bit since I moved to the UK three years ago.

I hope yoiu have his "Diverting Coin Magic" published in 2006. It has some of the best explanations of the use of misdirection ever put in print.

Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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Postby Guest » 10/20/07 04:29 AM

Andrew's book is a lovely little book. I got a signed copy from him, circa 1981, and it's on my 'best stuff' shelf! Aside from the tricks; the 'thinking' is glorious!

Paul Gordon

Postby Guest » 10/20/07 05:42 AM

Tis a wonderful book. My Uncle got it for me one Christmas many years ago. And yes, the colour-changing deck routine is wonderful.

Postby Guest » 10/22/07 07:33 PM

Hi Castawaydave, Matt Field, Paul Gordon & mrgoat. Thanks for your kind remarks about "Diverting Card Magic". I`m glad you found it of some value.

Postby Guest » 10/22/07 08:26 PM

That, I assure you sir, is one of the understatements of the last quarter century!

Affter all these years I am gratified for the chance to thank you: a real tribute to the power of the internet.

If you don't already, you truly should sleep just a little more snug, with the rock-solid assurance that that slick little gem of a book of yours IS remembered and rated highly.

I try not to be too covetous, but I do love that little book, and I would be extremely mad to lose my copy. --In 1982 it clicked-on the light in my head in a way few magic books ever have.

Thanks again, Mr. Galloway and all Best Wishes for upcoming Holidays,

--David Cox

Postby Guest » 10/23/07 01:29 PM

As a coin guy, I need to second Matthew's recommendation of "Diverting Coin Magic".... it's top of the list of "must have" coin books.

Thank you Mr. Galloway!

Postby Guest » 10/23/07 01:47 PM

Every time I stepped into Joe's shop in San Francisco planning to buy "Diverting Coin Magic", he didn't have a copy--it must have been 1/2 dozen times.
I never ordered it because I like buying at shops when possible. Then I moved away from the City...

Now that I am reminded, I WILL get it, and I have no doubt it will slay me just like his card book.

Thanks gentlemen.

Postby Grant McSorley » 10/23/07 07:56 PM

Does anyone know where to find a copy of Diverting Card Magic? A quick search didn't turn it up anywhere except a closed Martinka auction.

Grant McSorley
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Postby Guest » 10/23/07 08:47 PM

Mr. G. welcome to Genii.

The decription of how to perform a double lift is some of the best information I've read on card magic.

The book teachs how to DO any double lift. Not the finger positions but how to actually do a double lift.

Postby Guest » 10/24/07 06:21 AM

Try Info@magicbooksbypost.co.uk They should have copies of Diverting Card Magic.
Andy Galloway.

Postby Grant McSorley » 10/24/07 02:42 PM

Thanks Mr Galloway, I'll check with them.

Grant McSorley
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Postby Guest » 11/12/07 12:18 PM

Hello Mr. Galloway,

If one wanted autographed items, would one be able to purchase the tassled rope trick and perhaps that great book 'the ramsay legend' directly from you?

Best wishes from NY,

Jon Townsend

Postby Guest » 11/12/07 01:37 PM

A friend of mine Brian Glover a very good card man thinks so much of andys thinking he bought the coin book even though he does'nt do any coins.
He is reading it for the forth time, the card book is almost worn out.

Postby Guest » 11/12/07 02:15 PM

I thought so much of Mr. Galloway's coin book I bought it even though I don't do any diverting :p

Postby Guest » 11/12/07 08:07 PM

Hi Jonathan,
I can supply The Ramsay Tassled Rope Trick. Will contact you direct.

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