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Postby m pierce » 05/11/14 03:16 PM

I have a number of magic related books that I have put on Amazon if anyone is interested. Most of them have not been read.
House of Mystery: Magic Science of Abbott (Vol 1 & 2) $399.00 for both volumes
The complete cups and Balls Michael Ammar (signed) $199.00
Devant's Delight Delusions $185.00
The Jinx nos 1-151 (all 3 volumes) $175.00
The Silence of Chung Ling Soo, Todd Karr (it comes up as signed but it is not) $150.00
The Davenport Story (I have Vol 1, 2, 3 & 4) Vol 3 & 4 on ebay Vol 1 $140 vol 2 145.00 Vol 3 $80 (ebay Seller is Mike Pierce Not Mickey photos Vol 4 $110.00 also on Ebay
Walter Jeans Illusioneer by Peter Warlock $140.00
P.T. Selbit, magical innovator Eric Lewis $135.00 I have two copies of this book
Cardini The Suave Deceiver By John Fisher $130.00
Monarch of Magic The Story of Servais Leroy by William Rauscher $125.00
Essential Robert-Houdin $125.00
Thurston and Dante The written Word by Phil Temple $125.00
Alexander: The Man who knows by David Charvet $110.00
Dante: The Devil Himself by Phil Temple $95.00
Harbin X2 $95.00
Houdini Laid Bare (2 volume boxed set signed and numbered) $85.00
Germain the Wizard $79.00
The complete Jarrett by Jim Steinmeyer $79.00
The Berglas Effect by Richard Kaufman $78.00
The Great Raymond by William Rasucher $75.00
Willard A life under Canvas by David Charvet $75.00
The Art of Deception Chuck Romano $75.00
Revelation by Dai Vernon $69.00
Milbourne Christopher the man and his Magic by Willaim Rauscher $64.00
The Lost Notebooks of John Northern $59.00
Classic Correspondence by Mike Caveney $55.00
The Great Lyle by Edwin Dawes $55.00
Conjurer, Collector and Iconoclast by Standley Collins $50.00
The Georgia Wonder by Barry Wiley $48.00
Illusion Show A life in magic David Bamberg $43.00
The Great Wizard of the North $39.00
Most books listings have pictures.
There is also a fee for shipping usually $3.99 or $4.99

And several more

Mike Pierce
Listed on Amazon as Mickey Photos & More
my email address is
Phone number is 503-842-7530 if you have any questions.
I will ship out right away with a tracking number on any purchase.
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Postby Jeffrey Cowan » 05/11/14 08:04 PM

Your name/stuff does not come up when I searched "Mickey Photos & More"
-- Jeffrey Cowan
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Postby m pierce » 05/11/14 08:16 PM

Look up one of the books on the list and go to the "used" for sale items. There you should see a listing by Mickey Photos & More. From there you can click on the name and it will take you to some of the other items that I have for sale. Skip through a few pages and you should see the magic books. Here is a link to one of the pages that has a number of the items listed. ... HQJ86ZFXJC

I hope that helps. Sorry about the confusion.
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Postby Ted M » 05/11/14 10:19 PM

You could save us the hunting by simply listing your prices here. Heck, you've already listed the titles.

Why make potential customers work hard?
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Postby m pierce » 05/11/14 10:26 PM

Great idea!!! I have gone in and put the prices that I currently have them listed at. Most of the listings also have pictures of the books and if you have any questions please either post them here or send me an email
If you are able to find something that a lower price please let me know and I can adjust the prices.
Mike Pierce
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